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CuraPatient revolutionizing your personal care journey

What is CuraPatient?

CuraPatient designs simple AI powered tools for the health care industry. It is an end-to-end digital solution that enhances patient and provider experience, improves health outcomes, and lowers costs to optimize health system performance. CuraPatient makes it easier for people to seek assistance and access care when they need it most.

The current industry landscape

The coronavirus accelerated the need for immediate access to health care platforms.

The creation of the company

The three principals met at a restaurant in Tennessee through sheer chance; a University of California Irvine software engineer, a Pulitzer-Prize-winning author/oncologist and a grandson of John D. Rockefeller. They literally formed the company’s strategy on a napkin.

How CuraPatient operates

A provision of mobile application software that allows a personalized care journey, with an easy-to-follow path and support to schedule appointments, enroll in programs, monitor health milestones – a mobile, fully integrated healthcare record for an individual. CuraPatient’s mobile healthcare apps can engage people to get life-saving vaccines and address chronic illnesses, disease management, or prevention services.

A customer story

"Startup Health Tech Company Pivotal in Southern California County Vaccination Efforts, Now Scales Effort Across U.S."

A healthcare tech startup played a big part in delivering vaccines and stemming the spread of the coronavirus in Orange County Calif., - and now it’s providing vaccinations across the country.

Curapatient’s ‘Othena’ mobile application for the County of Orange California’s “Operation Independence” was responsible for scheduling and delivering vaccinations for more than one million people in the county. The impact of this rapid vaccine deployment and the associated drop in COVID-19 cases enabled the Orange County business community to reopen safely much faster than other communities across the country.

The startup is now partnering with a national pharmacy chain, scaling up to deliver vaccinations in all 50 states and two territories. This nationwide effort focuses on vaccinating the most vulnerable; 85% of vaccinations are given to people age 65 and older.

“CuraPatient’s mobile vaccine app enrolled more than a million residents in Orange County, and now across the U.S., and it’s changing the way consumers access health care services,“ says Long Nguyen, CEO. “Getting people to use their mobile device to own their personal health care is a big step forward in improving the delivery of health care services.”

Founded by a University of California Irvine software engineer, a Pulitzer prize-winning oncologist, and a great-grandson of John D. Rockefeller, CuraPatient is developing mobile healthcare applications for the Veterans Administration, public health departments, and individual health plans across the country.

“Because it is easy, convenient, and literally in the palm of their hand, CuraPatient’s mobile healthcare apps can engage people to get life-saving vaccines and address chronic illnesses, disease management, or prevention services,” adds Nguyen. “I think the silver lining in this pandemic is how consumers – of all ages – can now, for the first time, use their phone to improve their health and their family’s health.”

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