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An Out-Of-This-World Growth Story: BAPES™ Thrives In The Face Of Economic Downturn With The Launch O

What the company does

After taking NFTs where they haven’t gone before – including space -

- the founders behind BAPES™ (Business Apes), ( ), an innovative global NFT (Non-Fungible Token) project, remain more confident than ever in their mission to transform investing through its unique NFT technology.

Founded by successful businessmen and women with diverse backgrounds working in a myriad of divergent industries, BAPES is a unique Metavestor club that exclusively empowers crypto-native companies, forged in the Metaverse.

The Current Landscape

Enthusiasm for the NFT market may have waned recently with economic turmoil roiling the financial markets, but BAPES’ founding partners and its rapidly growing community, the BAPESCLAN™, remained unfazed.

They know downturns come and go, and actually, view it as an opportunity for the BAPES community to build on its ever-expanding influence. For the BAPESCLAN, the premature death of the cryptocurrency and NFT markets has been greatly exaggerated.

Company Birth Story

The BAPESCLAN has come a long way in a short time since its launch only a mere seven months ago in early January 2022 by Moe Zahria, and his fellow founding partners, Erik “ELO” Lydecker, Douglas “DouglasDM” Brue, Brian J. Esposito, and New Orleans Saints NFL veteran Cam Jordan, who have leveraged their extensive experience in gaming and tech to impact the NFT space. The founders’ vision for BAPES has focused on providing a true NFT market utility, intriguing artwork, shared ownership in IP such as music, and support and access from business ambassadors made up of varied influential industry leaders.

The Solution

Every BAPES NFT holder is considered a Metavestor, earning continuous Metawards and Metavends from all of the Metaprojects that the BAPESCLAN, as a collective, votes to Metavest in from the BAPES Metafund. This is a utility within the NFT space that is truly an innovative step forward for investors.

BAPES has become one of the fastest-growing and largest organic NFT projects in the world. Even during recent tough market conditions, BAPES’ market cap hit a new peak of nearly $100 million in June 2022, amounting to a massive jump in floor price and an increase of 33 times – 3300% since launching.

The Team Culture

BAPES’ launch was initially met with skepticism by some in the investment and cryptocurrency industries. The vast and varied business and tech industry experience from its 25 ambassadors and overall BAPESCLAN community has played a key factor in BAPES’ rapid growth and has gone a long way toward answering its critics.

A founder quote

“We are creating and generating wealth and opportunities among our community even in the toughest of times, and our focus is to continue to innovate and create new products that give immense value to each of our esteemed BAPESCLAN holders,” said Moe Zahria, one of BAPES founders. “The recent downturn of the market is definitely a chance for all people to come into the space, and invest at a highly discounted price and gain assets that generate exclusive opportunities. This is why what we are bringing to the NFT space is truly unique. Before we came into the space, the overwhelming majority of the NFT community had been jumping from project to project, flipping for some money, and gaining their monthly salary. This method is completely unreliable, and because of the latest market downturn, we are seeing a paradigm shift.”

“Decentralization and empowering of the 99% of people globally through this new blockchain technology is our overall goal,” Zahria added. “We believe we will be at the center of the future within five years. We are already pioneering the industry through our community and technology, putting us in a great strategic position moving forward, especially through our constant continuous innovation.”

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