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All Remotely uniting remote workers

Industry background

The pandemic hit in 2020, and the commercial world was forced into emergency measures of employees working from home, where possible, and transacting as much as possible online. The emergence of variants prolonged this condition, although by then most employers – and employees – were considering how to proceed in future. The options were centered around a) back to the workplace, much as before b) continue to work from home c) allow working from anywhere, not necessarily in the same country or jurisdiction and d) what is collectively known as hybrid, some time at the official workplace and the rest outside.

How was All Remotely founded?

All Remotely’s founder Bhagyashree Pancholy and her business partner were both remote work veterans of some 30 years’ experience between them. What became very quickly apparent to them were the high stress levels and depression suffered by large numbers of friends and colleagues operating under these emergency conditions. It followed that not all people could function optimally in a remote setting, so a series of assessments both psychological and environmental was devised to discover the areas in which an employee would need more support from the employer.

These supportive measures could range from the having the right physical workspace, the right equipment, advice on wellness or access to counselling. Above all, the management of remote employees requires a different skill set, and the communication lines need to be well-defined so as not to overwhelm an employee by micro-management.

Over time, the offer amplified to include recommendations on the right furniture as well as an AI-enabled wellness monitoring system.

The company vision

All Remotely's vision is to provide a triage service for employers who intend to either deploy part or all of their workforce outside of the official workplace, so that each of those individuals has recognized support systems in place to enable them to function optimally.

Their clients so far have availed themselves of parts of the service as they ‘dip a toe’ into the remote and hybrid waters, although the weight of firm decision-making is anticipated to fall in the last quarter of 2021, ready to kick off the new year.

About the team

The core team is founder Bhagyashree Pancholy, a lawyer based in India who has worked remotely for almost ten years and her business partner, Denis Barnard, who is a specialist in HR and payroll technology, whose remote experience tallies just under 20 years and is currently based in South America.

Their primary driver is to the best value in solving problems for those organizations wanting to give their workforce flexibility to match the aspirations of the new decade.

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