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Aligned Social: The New Frontier of Digital Wellness

What the company does

Aligned Social is a new social media app with a fresh spin: it’s focused on users & mental health and wellbeing, people over profit, and overall digital wellness. This platform is agenda-free, filter-free, and judgment-free, creating authentic connections with like- minded people from all over the world, all without manipulation or censorship.

The Current Landscape

Recent years have highlighted the importance of prioritizing mental health. Current social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok have been under attack for being a direct link to the decline of mental health in the U.S., yet people can’t turn away. Over time, these platforms have become too big for their britches. Ever- changing technology and users with little knowledge of the ins and outs made way for the big, bad Algorithm, whose agenda both stifles original content and pushes propaganda, deciding for you what you want to see.

Company Birth Story

Founded by a group of fierce, female entrepreneurs and Healers, this fresh take on social media was born from a strong desire to fight the patriarchy, and social media seemed like just the place to start. It all comes down to human connection. That is what social media was created for and what most people are still looking for when they log in. They want to see the friendly faces of people they know in real life, the ones they’ve lost track of over the years, like-minded people who are out there being the best versions of themselves and failing spectacularly along the way. They’re looking for something real.

The Solution

Aligned Social is here to shake things up. The goal is to give the power back to the people and focus on overall mental health. Working closely with both scientists and mental health professionals, the app features health and wellbeing resources where science meets spirituality, doing so with zero filters. This encourages users to show up authentically as themselves. For those who aren’t quite sure what that means for them, these same professionals have come up with posting prompts for healthy inspiration and introspection. They’ve thought of everything!

If showing up authentically sounds a little scary, the platform has set their users up for success there, too. Aligned Social has a zero-tolerance harassment policy, one which they actually enforce. A skilled team works behind the scenes to combat and address any behavior that goes against their policies, promptly and effectively. Support is also provided to the victims of any cyberbullying, ensuring all parties’ needs are met. A refreshing approach, to say the least.

The Team Culture

A Shamanic healer, an astrologer, and a psychology guru make up this fierce and fabulous team of strong female entrepreneurs. With a background in technology with some of the largest companies out there, Cassandra Shuck combined her serial entrepreneurship with intuitive Shamanic healing to create this safe haven for people to post and connect without fear of being bullied, victimized, or canceled. Jade Miller’s astrology gift allows her to see people as they really are, as they’ve never felt seen before. It was this in combination with her innate desire to meet people where they are that motived her to build Aligned Social into the social network people need. Kaylin Kustura, the psychology guru of the team, has a firm understanding of social media’s power over users’ mental health. As an early adopter of social media, she knows how helpful it once was at fostering genuine connections and has not only the passion but the drive to help encourage people to become their authentic selves. These three women are unstoppable with their expertise, experience, and connections to make things happen.


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