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Airbase: Pioneering the Future of Procure-to-Pay Solutions

What Airbase does

Airbase revolutionizes the procure-to-pay process, offering an automated platform that combines intake, accounts payable automation, expense management, and corporate cards, streamlining financial operations for mid-market to enterprise-level companies.

The Current Landscape

"Airbase is redefining the procure-to-pay landscape with its innovative, all-in-one financial operations platform. Integrating intake, accounts payable, expense management, and corporate cards, Airbase addresses the inefficiencies of traditional, fragmented financial systems. Founded by Thejo Kote, who experienced these challenges firsthand, Airbase offers a unified solution, distinct from competitors like SAP Concur and Coupa. Its comprehensive approach, utilizing advanced technology like AI, streamlines purchasing, ensures compliance, and enhances financial oversight. Airbase's user-friendly platform is leading the trend towards holistic, efficient procurement processes in the fintech industry."

Company Birth Story

Founded in 2017 by Thejo Kote, Airbase emerged from Kote's firsthand frustration with the fragmented spend management processes at his first company, Automatic. His vision was to create a platform that was the right mix of usability, deep functionality, easier to implement, and configure than legacy P2P platforms. that could manage non-payroll spend efficiently.

The Solution

Airbase distinguishes itself by providing a comprehensive solution that replaces multiple disparate systems. By integrating guided procurement, AP automation, expense management, and corporate cards, Airbase simplifies the purchasing process, ensures compliance, and improves financial oversight. Its unique approach to leveraging advanced technology, like AI for expense management, sets it apart in the market, offering both efficiency and scalability.

A Customer Story

ExpertVoice, an Airbase client, exemplifies the platform's transformative impact. Previously burdened by manual spend management processes, they've seen remarkable improvements in efficiency, policy compliance, and visibility into company spend, all thanks to Airbase’s comprehensive solution.

The Team Culture

Airbase is driven by a team passionate about simplifying financial operations. Their culture emphasizes innovation, customer focus, and continuous improvement, propelled by a shared vision to redefine the procure-to-pay process. Team anecdotes highlight a collaborative, dynamic environment where creativity and strategic thinking are highly valued.

A founder quote

"In a world where financial operations complexity grows with every transaction, Airbase stands as a beacon of innovation, simplifying the procure-to-pay process and empowering businesses to achieve more with less." - Thejo Kote, Founder and CEO of Airbase.

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