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"Affordable is the new chic" at Affordable Chic

What is Affordable Chic?

Affordable Chic curate high quality and European styles clothing under $100.

Industry background

What set Affordable Chic apart is the reason why it was conceived. There is a large gap between Fast Fashion and Luxury brands that Affordable Chic is aiming to fill, by selecting high-quality clothing and European styles under $100. Affordable Chic wants to make quality and elegance accessible to most. The culture of looking for "deals" was already spread among professional and stay-at-home moms, but the pandemic accelerated this shift.

How Affordable Chic was established

Marialuisa Garito is a lover of beauty. Growing up in Italy, she was surrounded by beauty and quality. But when she moved to the United States almost 15 years ago, she had trouble finding that unique European combination.

“As a consumer, I was looking for high-quality items at an affordable price, but could not find them,” says the New York mother of two. That’s why she founded Affordable Chic®, an NYC-based fashion start-up, offering stylish Manhattan women's high-quality clothing for under $100.

“Affordable Chic's clients are smart women who want timeless – not faddish – clothing. After the pandemic, women are even more financially prudent, but still, women all love to feel chic and beautiful,” says Affordable Chic’s founder and CEO.

Now, more than ever, with the disappearing middle class, Garito believes quality fashion must be affordable for all. “There is too much disparity between rich and poor,” she notes.

“Affordable Chic wants to help women look and feel their best – without taking away from what they spend on their families.”

Customer experience

“Not only are the clothes affordable, but the quality is exquisite! Everything from the personalized hand-written notes to the quick customer service responses, free returns, and fast shipping, it just can’t be beaten!” Lisa Romano

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