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Want to Trick Yourself to Quit Smoking

What the Company Does

Sugar, a CBD company based out of Los Angeles, California, is on a mission to offer people an alternative to addictive tobacco cigarettes — high quality CBD hemp cigarettes. With three flavor options in their current product line, Sugar is known in the CBD space for their excellent flavor infusion technology.

The Current Landscape

The idea of providing cigarette smokers with CBD alternatives isn’t a new one. But early efforts to sell smokeable CBD weren’t very successful. Many CBD companies rushed hemp cigarettes to market, and struggled as consumers complained over the products’ poor smokability and low hemp quality. It was a great idea with poor execution.

Nowadays, companies have come to realize that nobody wants to smoke cheap hemp consistently, least of all smokers who already love their tobacco. Quality hemp is at the forefront of consumers’ minds, and companies can no longer get away with a low-grade product.

Company Birth Story

William Hsu, founder and CEO at Sugar, started the company after a series of events that took place several years ago. His mother suffered from a pinched sciatic nerve, and was unable to walk normally due to severe back pain. Her quality of life was severely compromised. Heartbroken, Hsu sought out ways to help his mother find some form of relief.

One day, while wandering through a CBD convention in Las Vegas, he discovered the uplifting effects of CBD cream. He applied some to his sore neck caused from sleeping poorly in his hotel room and woke up feeling like a new man. When Hsu let his mother try it a few days later, she felt relief within minutes. She called him a week later, saying that CBD had changed her life.

Excited by his discovery, Hsu began researching CBD and its other benefits. He learned that CBD was being studied as a tool for treating tobacco addiction, with positive results. CBD is non-addictive, so while it seems to help relieve nicotine withdrawal symptoms, the user wouldn’t become dependent on it. Hsu, a life-long tobacco smoker himself, purchased a bag of high quality hemp to see for himself whether the studies were true. Fast forward a few weeks and Hsu was tobacco free. A year and a half later, CRÈME Hemp Cigarettes by Sugar was born.

The Solution

Sugar has filled a gap that the hemp cigarette space desperately needed. What good is a hemp cigarette if no one wants to smoke them over their traditional tobacco cigarettes?

Enter Sugar with three flavor options: Original (non-flavored), Peppermint, and Vanilla. They also add a sweet tip filter paper onto their cigarettes, which enhances the flavors in the cigarettes. Their mission is to make a great tasting, high quality alternative to tobacco cigarettes to help smokers quit their addiction.

A Customer Story

Nowadays, customers regularly leave rave reviews about how CRÈME hemp cigarettes are now their product of choice over their old tobacco cigarettes. The positive feedback has been overwhelming, and it keeps the Sugar team motivated to keep on pushing forward on their mission.

The Team Culture

The Sugar team celebrates each time a customer tells them that they’ve successfully quit smoking. Helping people live healthier and and to lead more fulfilling lives is what drives them each day.


”I love seeing others achieve their goals. The one thing I love more is when I’m able to help them do that.”

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