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A Professional Photographers’ AI post-Production Workflow Assistant

What Imagen does

Imagen is an AI-powered photo editing solution, that works with Adobe Lightroom Classic. The proprietary AI learns from previous edits to create a personalized AI editing profile. It then applies edit across new photos at a fraction of the time, clearing photographers time so to focus on what they love.

Imagen's Current Landscape

Imagen created the batch AI photo editing category in 2020, and since then a half dozen competitors have emerged. Each taking their own approach to solve the problem. What this has done to the industry is mind blowing, as photographers realize it is the future of post-production for high volume situations. What it has done for Imagen as a brand is drive us to continue building our product to as the leader of the category they created. Imagen is doing this by paying attention to the needs it see its customers face, but also by having face-to-face conversations with them. By listening to what its customers have to say, they learn valuable lessons, and walk away with ideas to enhance the product. So much so that in 2023, 100% of what Imagen will release comes from those conversations.

Imagen's Birth Story

July 2018, one of Imagen’s co-founders, Yoav Chai, got married. He hired one of the top wedding photographers in Israel to document the biggest day of his life. After the wedding he waited weeks for his photos to arrive, and it was not until he saw the same photographer at another wedding that he said something.

After a great conversation to understand why, Yoav offered to shadow him and build software to help. Yoav already had a background in artificial intelligence, and the workflow issue was something that fascinated him.

The first iteration of the Imagen app was designed solely to mimic Yoav’s wedding photographer’s style. That style remains in the app today as one of our Talent AI Profiles, called Warm Skin Tones.

Following the ideation of the app, and proof of concept, Yoav brought on two additional partners to turn something small into something that can change lives. With Yotam and Ron’s help, and eventually what the entire Imagen team is today, Imagen now learns from each individual photographer’s unique style. But also continues to offer pre-made editing styles for anyone to use or try.

Please consider reading the Imagen Origin Story.

Imagen's Solution

Imagen has built the fastest and most accurate AI photo editing software available. It is a cloud based solution with a desktop app to manage and transfer photographers’ compressed RAW files securely.

Imagen is a cloud based solution for numerous reasons, but the main reasons are:

● To ensure scalability with volume

● For the best computing power for high volume

● The ability to enhance the product without customers needing to update or download something new

● So customers do not have to spend a lot every year on new computers with the fastest processors

Some competitors offer photo editing services locally, which have its own pros and cons.

As a company who sets its customers on a pedestal, that is how Imagen plans to remain the leader in the genre. Listening is everything, and over the years Imagen has proven it works.

The next big advances Imagen is taking for the AI editing are identifying the subject and applying a mask, and editing them separate from the rest of the photo, and the ability to set preferred settings global for all edits from an AI profile, down the per-camera level.

Imagen is also expanding beyond editing with our photo selection feature called Imagen Culling. It is a time saving solution for photo rating that mimics the way photographers would actually choose the best photographs. Imagen Culling and Editing will blend into one process, taking photographers from a photo session to a deliverable product.

The list can go on, of course, but those are a few of what is coming.

A Customer Story

Imagen has a customer who was in a tragic car accident near the end of a wedding season. It was so bad she needed multiple surgeries on her arm. The same arm she needed to edit and finish her wedding client’s photos.

When she discovered Imagen she was skeptical about it. However, she created her Personal AI Profile based on her previous wedding edits. Keep in mind that Hannah has a very distinct editing style. Imagen blew her mind so much that she completely wrapped up her entire backlog. She would send Imaegn new projects to edit in- between surgeries while recovering. Imagen made it possible for her to recover properly, but also keep her clients happy.

Imagen’s Content & Community Manager, Scott Wyden Kivowitz, spoke with Hannah in episode 5 of their podcast, Workflows, if you are interested in listening.

Imagen Team Culture

Imagen is made of about 50 people right now, and they have 3 co- founders: Yoav Chai, Ron Oren, and Yotam Gil. The company is based in Tel Aviv, Israel, so a large group is there, and the remainder spread around the world.

Being a company who, is all about our customers focusing on what they love, Imagen tries to keep that culture for themselves too. They work hard, but also play hard. They have regular company parties where they celebrate events as a family. Even those who are remote tune in and celebrate.

There are company yoga sessions, birthday celebrations, team meals, and even end of the week toasts.

They also encourage time off to clear the mind, which in turn makes people more productive when back at work.

Imagen truly is an amazing place to work.

A founder quote

“As a startup with the goal of changing the lives of our customers in positive ways, we had to be true to our mission and do it ourselves first. Creating a category has been a great experience. We have learned an incredible amount already, and are looking forward to the future of Imagen.” - Yotam Gil, CEO of Imagen

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