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A Different Approach to Healthcare

What Compleo does

Compleo’s mission is to help individuals find their pathway to optimal living through a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach to Wellness - specifically, the fitness, rehabilitation, nutritional, and emotional aspects of wellness. Compleo services all populations in the greater Central Texas Community with specialty programs in scoliosis, chronic pain, and pediatrics.

Compleo's Current Landscape

There is a big change in landscape when it comes to patients’ use of insurance. To offer greater flexibility, Compleo addresses this by finding a middle ground for both its patients and providers through a hybrid practice of using both cash and insurance. In Waco, most clinics are only insurance-based. Insurance-based treatments may affect the quality of care and, thus, the hybrid practice allows the clinic to hold a little more control over the quality of care they offer. Furthermore, while there are clinics that can offer one of Compleo’s services, there’s no one that can offer all of their services under one roof.

Compleo's Birth Story

Compleo began with Dr. Kelsey Baas’ vision to create a clinic where an entire family can better themselves. Here, they practice a different approach to healthcare where each treatment plan is individualized for each patient instead of a one-size-fits-all treatment method. Compleo also aims to support women so they wouldn’t have to feel the need to leave the workforce when their family dynamic changes life stages.

Compleo's Solution

The clinic is a safe space where parents don't have to put their health on hold because their free time is spent on children appointments, the whole family unit can be cared for.

Compleo provides physical therapy (Pediatric, orthopedic/adult, and pelvic floor), pediatric and adult counseling, pediatric and adult registered dietitians, and lactation consultants. Cost transparency is provided to patients in Compleo (which is unusual in the healthcare world). All sessions are 1:1 to provide personalized treatments for every individual’s different needs. The clinic does not utilize techs/assistance which is also very uncommon in the field of Physical Therapy. And, most importantly, Compleo provides a flexible working environment to its team.

A Customer Story

To further the vision of providing an avenue to support women, Compleo also offers online courses for new and pregnant moms. One of the many patients who appreciated this is a first time mom who was struggling to keep up with her baby’s rapid development. She mentioned how the online course, Little Crawlers, helped her in her journey: “For me, it’s not about “rushing to milestones,” but about gaining the confidence that I am playing with my baby in a developmentally beneficial way as he grows-Little Crawlers helps with all of this.” She added that Dr. Baas understood the life of a busy mom and provided her with realistic suggestions. This same mom was able to receive pelvic floor therapy to address quality of life issues postpartum. In one place she was able to gain confidence for both her child and herself.

Compleo's Team Culture

Today, the Compleo team is made up of 4 counselors, 6 physical therapists, and 3 dietitians (one of whom is also a lactation consultant). The team is passionate about everything from foster care to woodworking! The company encourages work-life balance and, therefore, ensures that each staff member has the time to pursue personal interests and family needs in addition to their career.

A founder quote

“Many people often ask what Compleo means. Compleo means Complete and my mission is for each person who walks through our doors from employees to customers to receive complete and total care for every aspect of their being.”

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