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ZNEEX Addresses Loneliness as U.S. Surgeon General Highlights Impact

What ZNEEX does

ZNEEX is a friendship app designed to bring people together as new friends specifically through the activity of walking.

The Current Landscape

There aren’t any competitors in the friendship-walking space, which is the reason this app is so important. It initiates a means to inspire health, wellness, and friendship in a way that is doable by everyone.

Company Birth Story

Understanding how painful being lonely could be was something founder Laura J. Wellington knew well having lost her husband to cancer when she was 35 years-old. With it, eventually, were there friends. As she discovered her new life on her own, Wellington needed new friends to go with it. She also realised how difficult a feat this could be. So when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, changing so many people’s regular routines and lives, she got to work making it easier to find new friends for others conveniently and safely.

The Solution

Wellington designed the app in her head then hired an innovative app development company called Dacway to transform her idea into reality. It took two years to complete. ZNEEX was launched in the Google Play Store in December 2022. It is currently undergoing finalisation in the App store. They have approximately 3000 people using the app to-date.

A founder quote

“ZNEEX makes finding new friends as easy as a walk in the park.”

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