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Women Who Use Psychedelics: Here’s a Safe Place to Gather Andcelebrate

What is Sisters In Psychedelics?

Sisters In Psychedelics (SiP) is a sisterhood for female-identifying individuals to come together in a supportive environment to celebrate informed, intentional and safe psychedelic use for personal healing and growth.

They provide educational workshops, women’s only integration circles and social gatherings that center around psychedelic medicine in-person and virtually.

The Current Landscape

The psychedelic industry is fast-growing but still nascent, many things do not exist yet. For example, this space is predominantly run by middle-aged, White, American men, so the lack of women and BIPOC folks is evident. The need to be more inclusive and encouraging of diversity is clear, which is one of the reasons why SiP exists and continues to raise awareness about.

Company Birth Story

Dana and Bea (co-founders) came together in their search for like-minded women to connect with around their shared interests in psychedelics and self development. When they couldn’t find the community they desired, they created their own!

Birthed in November 2021, Vancouver Women In Psychedelics (VWiP) launched with 15 ladies showing up at Bea’s apartment complex for a potluck dinner. They connected, shared stories, and learned about each others’ interests.

More events and initiatives were launched, as the group continued to grow and to gain recognition in psychedelic communities internationally.

In April 2022, VWiP rebranded into SiP to remove geographical barriers to create a global sisterhood.

The Solution

Since the launch of SiP, there has been no active marketing efforts. Organically, through word of mouth, and organizing regular events, they have grown to over 170 members.

Recently, the team at SiP:

  • Rebranded and launched their website with the help of AKITA 'A Kick In The Ass' Agency, a marketing service specifically for those in the psychedelic industry

  • Nailed down a venue for the first-ever ‘for women, by women’ psychedelic summit in September 2022!

  • Formed community partnerships with other psychedelic organizations

  • Launched their own merch!

The ultimate vision is to have multiple chapters in each major city around the world, so women everywhere can come together to celebrate psychedelic medicine and personal growth in a safe space.

A Customer Story

Here’s a testimonial to illustrate how SiP changes lives:

“My psychedelic experience is not something I can talk about with many people, so meeting like-minded women has given me a sense of belonging I lacked before. To know what I have experienced really is a whole new way of living, not just a &"one off", is so important.

And by meeting other young women closer to my daughter's age, it gives me the "voice" to encourage my daughter to research and possibly delve into psychedelics for herself and her career as a psychotherapist.”

- Louisa, a sister of SiP

A Founder Quote

“There's an unfortunate gender imbalance and lack of diversity in the psychedelic industry.

Sisters In Psychedelics is an example of how we can challenge the status quo and allow others - particularly women and BIPOC folks - to take up space without fear.

By virtue of just being myself - a non-American, young, female, BIPOC leader - I'm disrupting this industry, and I invite others to do the same.” - Bea Chan, Co-Founder of SiP

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