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With you can use ChatGPT on WhatsApp on-the-go.

What WAGPT does

WAGPT is an AI-powered WhatsApp assistant that provides a convenient and affordable way to access knowledge and learn, by utilizing the advanced AI technology of ChatGPT. WAGPT has joined in on shaping the future of this technology, and has committed to taking this powerful tool to Africa and around the world. (50 words)

The Current Landscape

The AI tech space has made rapid progress since the release of ChatGPT in November 2022. With tech companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon allocating a great amount of resources to catch up to OpenAI who released ChatGPT.

Christian the founder of WAGPT stated that the limits that people will push within the AI space this year are still unknown. Opportunities are ripe for the taking, the next generation of millionaires will step up and innovate in directions never imagined. The most recent directions being CV (Computer Vision) together with AI image creation and editing. Some examples include Firefly by Adobe, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and NVIDIA Canvas.

On the other hand, many believe the education industry will be shaken the most. Although, Elon Musk’s statement suggests that it won’t be a quick change, “It’s easier to land a man on Mars than to change the school system”.

WAGPT’s Birth Story

One Saturday afternoon in Cape Town, South Africa, Christian was popping in at a supermarket to buy a loaf of bread. Before purchasing he was trying to ask ChatGPT about low carb bread and what to look out for, but while loading the homepage his data ran out. So he texted his girlfriend via WhatsApp to ask ChatGPT and let him know. This was possible due to his cheap WhatsApp bundle he gets monthly. While waiting for her response, he thought by himself - if he was able to access ChatGPT via a WhatsApp contact, he would have uninterrupted access to ChatGPT even without general data bundles which is much more expensive.

According to Christian, he didn't sleep for a few days and made ChatGPT available via a WhatsApp contact for 13 friends and family. Two days later, there were 45 people using it. He realized that he is not the only one interested in a no extra app install, but convenient solution to access ChatGPT on the go.

Today it’s about 5 weeks later since then, WAGPT is in about 42 countries and counting with $0 spent on marketing to date. WAGPT is committed to helping OpenAI shape the future of this technology, and how people access it.

The Solution

WAGPT is building a convenient, affordable and secure way for everyday people to get access to this revolutional AI assistant called ChatGPT. This way is by adding a contact in WhatsApp, called WAGPT via their website or by receiving the contact’s number from someone manually.

Christian said that he isn’t the first one to integrate ChatGPT into a social messaging tool like WhatsApp, but he added that he definitely is one of the few who have decided that he will take this to the people who he believes need this technology. There are also many people that don’t have a $20 money bank as per OpenAI pricing to access ChatGPT without interruption. WAGPT is able to bring the convenience, security of user messages as well as a more affordable solution to the market by having a subscription model around ¼ of $20, that will be implemented sometime this year.

Yes, WAGPT is currently free to use. Christian said it will be free to use for as long as his personal income allows. He sees paying for the accessibility as an investment to grow rapidly. believes they have an edge over their competitors due to their ability to have a cheaper pricing model for their near future, some unseen innovative in-chat features and their vision to create some advanced tools for their users that can inspire and educate them on what WAGPT is capable of on a daily basis, which he adds will be inspired by users.

Christian mentioned that WAGPT measures their success by the amount of people and countries who they have been able to educate and enable with this technology. WAGPT has the ability to radically accelerate productivity on the go. Have it being research, learning or everyday tasks like writing emails.

A Customer Story

To change a life, the goal is to inspire someone to reach their full potential, this is what WAGPT says they are all about. The people. Empowering mankind.

WAGPT believes the best way to empower yourself is to play with these technologies and ask questions to build your understanding of how they work, their benefits and limitations.

The most touching moment for Christian is when a user reaches out within direct messages to thank him for creating this convenient way to use ChatGPT via a WhatsApp contact. Christian says those small things make those 5am work nights worth the grind.

The Team Culture

Christian added that the core team consists of people that he considers smarter than himself. People that believe they can make a difference in the world. What he realized in the last few weeks, is that it’s all about the people. The right people with the right intentions and personal purpose for tomorrow, together can create the right product for the people of tomorrow.

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