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Why Australia’s Fastest-Growing Jeweller Only Uses Lab-Grown Gemstones

What Cullen Jewellery company does

Cullen Jewellery celebrates life's cherished moments, conscientiously. Cullen Jewellery is the leading ethical brand for premium lab-grown diamond and moissanite engagement rings in Australia. The elegant, bespoke creations designed by Cullen Jewellery are synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship, empowering couples to embody their values for generations to come.

The Current Landscape

The lab-grown gemstone industry is at an exciting time right now. It is seeing unprecedented growth and ethical alternatives to mined gemstones are trending. However, unfortunately, this has resulted in a plethora of new entrants who have no experience or knowledge of the market. This has led standards to suffer, which means customers are the biggest victim.

Some new entrants also engage in false claims and advertising. In one egregious case, they use fraudulent certification, namely the typo-ridden GRA certificate, to guarantee the authenticity of their gemstones. It is widely accepted as a scam, but some fraudulent jewellers prey on less informed customers who end up with a product that is deficient and overpriced.

Company Birth Story

In 2018, Jordan Cullen was looking for an ethical and premium engagement ring for his now-wife. However, he found no reputable companies that offered premium lab-grown gemstones, and the ones that he did find were either unaffordable or sold mined diamonds as well in a sign of their opportunism. He decided he wanted to do things differently, and this drove him to start Cullen Jewellery in 2018 at age 23. He has been rewarded by a loyal customer base that is appreciative of Cullen Jewellery’s elegant product range and the ethical values they embody.

The Solution

Led by their purpose of improving people's lives and their commitment to environmental responsibility, Cullen Jewellery's fine jewellery is crafted with solely conflict-free and lab-created gemstones. Its jewellery does not contribute to the environmental devastation and violence caused by mining and the upheaval of natural habitats.

Furthermore, the company really cares about its longevity. Its business model is directly intertwined with its desire to leave a strong and positive legacy. Other businesses may leave a mess and leave, which is something Cullen Jewellery stand firmly against by looking after its customers at every stage of the process. The company does not believe in shortcuts and invests significantly to ensure it is at the cutting edge of technology. This includes digitally, with its new first-rate website recently launching to wide fanfare (

The Team Culture

Cullen Jewellery is a close-knit team of passionate people who work collaboratively to design and handcraft unique, modern fine jewellery and then bring it to the world. The company is proud of its supportive and friendly culture, which values everyone's input and contribution. Cullen Jewellery believes that it's essential for everyone to feel equally invested in its culture, as it helps the company to achieve great things together.

A founder quote

“We often think of success in terms of money and power. But true success is about much more than that. It's about doing the right thing, even when it's difficult. It's about making a positive impact on the world around us, and leaving things better than we found them.” Jordan Cullen

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