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When the doctor you need is hard to find. The new digital ecosystem for preventative healthcare.

What Health Hunter does

Health Hunter is a digital platform that connects people with preventative health providers and services. On the platform people can search by their particular health concern, in their location, to be connected with practitioners, as well as learn more about their health in a preventable and holistic way.

Current Landscape

If you are 1 out of the 2 Australians living with a chronic health condition, you know very well the personal impact this has on you and your loved ones. Chronic conditions are now the leading cause of illness, disability and death in Australia and according to the World Health Organisation - they are now responsible for around 70% of deaths worldwide. However it is estimated that 33% of these chronic conditions could be prevented if they were addressed earlier.

These concerning statistics, combined with Australia's overburdened healthcare system, highlight the urgent need for change. That change is switching the focus from an ad-hoc healthcare system to one that is pro-active with investment and focus on prevention.

There is currently no platform that specialises in connecting patients with preventative health providers, where you can search by your particular health concern.

Company birth story

With more than 15 years experience in healthcare marketing, Co-Founders Brianna Vidal and Sarah Mullens launched the platform after experiencing the difficulty of finding such practitioners firsthand. Sarah asserts, “Individually, we all experience the effect of chronic health issues, ourselves or in our loved ones. Tackling Australia’s biggest health challenge starts with education and access. With today’s digitisation, there’s no reason that we shouldn’t have a personalised health search platform.”

The Solution

“Our aim is to reduce the cost and pressure of chronic health to Australians by keeping the ‘healthy healthy’, and trying to prevent illness by helping more Australians access preventative care.” says Co-Founder Brianna Vidal. Health Hunter provides access to practitioners that are hard to find. These are doctors who have done additional training in lifestyle, integrative or functional medicine and have particular health interest areas. The platform’s unique strength is that it not only provides a personalised search experience, there are also articles, resources, apps and digital communities specific to particular health concerns.

A customer story

Suffering from ongoing digestive issues and IBS, Marie struggled through various GPs and tests without finding a resolution. Health Hunter transformed her journey by providing a personalised search that matched her with an accredited GP, specialising in gut health in her area in East Melbourne. Marie shares, “It was incredible to find a Doctor who has a particular interest in IBS and who had the specific desire to get to the root cause of my concerns. The normal 6 minute medicine appointments are just not at all enough for people who have complex health issues, my typical appointment is 45mins to an hour.”

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