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VagiKool keeps women cool and comfortable

What is VagiKool?

VagiKool is the first reusable cold pack specifically contoured and designed for the most sensitive and delicate area of a woman’s body. It is a one size fits all reusable feminine cold pack whose design provides for discreet concealment with its close-to-body near invisible fit. VagiKool is Non-Toxic, Latex Free, and Made in the USA.

Current industry landscape

Believe it or not a few years ago there was no such thing as a “cold pack for down there” women were forced to use frozen bags of peas, or home-made solutions including filling condoms with water and witch-hazel, or making a “Padsicles” by filing a maxi-pad with who knows what. Today there is competition in the industry, but nothing compares to VagiKool due to its unique shape.

The birth of the company

The company was founded by husband and wife Helena and Steven Peisner. The concept of the company actually started as a joke when Steven said that he was going to invent . . . “VagiKool” to help ease Helena's pain from what would be a 30+ day yeast infection due to antibiotics (itching & burning pain) from a staph infection surgery on her leg. He came home with 20 yards of vinyl trying to make something that would fit comfortably in her underwear, but since he didn’t personally own a vagina he had no clue on how to make a product designed for one (a vagina that is). Helena told him it’s got to be private, personal, and elegant and if anyone can tell that it is being used, she will not wear it. Helena told Steve to make it like a pad and believe it or not he actually listened and a dozen prototypes later they actually had something that worked. Steven noted that Helena can’t be the only woman in the world with this issue and thousand of dollars later, trademarks, and patents they were selling VagiKool. It turns out that VagiKool has more uses than easing yeast infection discomfort . . . having a baby is a traumatic experience for a vagina and VagiKool helps for that, not to mention vaginal surgery, waxing, shaving, lasering muffs away, sports injuries, and other things that our lady parts experience that nobody ever talk about (Vulvodynia, Vaginismus, Herpes, etc.).

The company mission

It’s all in their mission statement: “We make a women feel better when she’s not feeling her very best!” There hasn’t been a new product in the feminine personal care industry for a long time. Pain cremes are pain cremes . . . but cold therapy works instantly. It is Helena and Steven's plan to have “VagiKool” be the next big band in the feminine health care marketplace. They have shipped orders to 22 different countries in 2021. Why should any women have to use a bag of frozen food to ease pain in their private area? They are also looking at different products bearing the VagiKool name including wipes, cremes, sprays, and other products. The beauty of VagiKool is that the name is innocuous and when you hear it you don’t have to wonder what it does or what it’s for -

Customer experience

They have heard from numerous women suffering with Vulvodynia (similar to Fibromyalgia but only in the vaginal region) who find great relief from the use of VagiKool. They have heard from new moms, transgender surgical patients, women having vaginal rejuvenation surgery, and so on, but the one woman who stands out is the 911 operator that was forced to work a night shift due to he vaginal pain. She had made a make-shift ice pad that she would sit on, but it was so big that it cooled everywhere and it was uncomfortable for her to sit on. When she found out about VagiKool she purchased one to try it – SUCCESS came quick and she ordered about half a dozen that she was able to keep in the employee freezer at work. Providing a story is kind of hard due to the fact that women keep their vaginal pain to themselves...the only reason Steven knew is because Helena's itching burning pain was so bad it was crying one night.

About the team

They are a husband and wife team working out of a small office.

Check them out:


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