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Unveiling Pave BK: The Future of Electric Motorbikes

What Pave BK does

In an effort to save money on gas and reduce their carbon footprint, more individuals are moving to electric mobility. In response to this need, the Brooklyn-based Co-Founders, Nico and Caspar Nagel, launch the Pave BK, a revolutionary and aesthetically new electric motorbike. Crafted by Pave Motors, this ground-breaking creation serves as their proof of concept. Poised to revolutionize the realm of two-wheeled mobility. With an ambitious vision, the Pave BK paves the way for a connected community of riders worldwide.

The Current Landscape

With its user-friendly design and thrilling ride experience, the Pave BK redefines the standards of performance and style. The days of choosing between aesthetics and functionality in a vehicle are gone. The Pave BK seamlessly combines sleek and minimalist design elements, resembling an e-bike, with impressive power akin to a small-engine motorcycle. With a top speed of 30mph, this extraordinary electric bike delivers a truly exhilarating ride that exceeds expectations.

Company Birth Story

Nico and Caspar Nagel conceptualized the Pave BK over four years, refining their electric motorbike with the goal of pioneering a silent and emissions-free mode of transportation that would enable a more sustainable way of living.

The Nagel brothers turned their idea into a reality at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, an innovation hub filled to the brim with cutting-edge and emerging brands. Situated along the scenic waterfront of Brooklyn, the expansive 300-acre Brooklyn Navy Yard serves as a hub for manufacturing and workforce innovation. They used the many resources to make their Pave bike as luxurious as possible. With a focus on sustained progress, the remarkable Navy Hub helped their dreams come to life.

Now, it is time for them to share the sleek and efficient Pave BK motorbike with the world.

The Solution

What sets it apart is the integration of proprietary software, seamlessly connected to the Pave App, offering groundbreaking sharing capabilities. This innovative software provides digital ownership, keyless access, theft protection, and precise rider data tracking. Designed with comfort in mind, the cutting-edge electric motorbike accommodates two riders comfortably. With a remarkable range of 50 miles, you can confidently embark on longer journeys. The Pave BK's Premium Lithium battery ensures reliable performance, recharging to 80% capacity in just an hour using any standard outlet. Embrace the future of electric mobility with the Pave BK, where innovation, convenience, and sustainability converge.

The Team Culture

The vision for the Pave BK was born from the brother's personal experiences growing up in Berlin, where they witnessed a clear demand for clean and convenient transportation options. After moving to Brooklyn, they were determined to revolutionize mobility in a sustainable manner. They wanted to create a clean alternative for easy transportation in the city. Their fortunate timing of arriving in Brooklyn as advancements in electric drivetrains and batteries opened doors to endless possibilities. Embracing this opportunity, they embarked on a journey to transform their vision into reality.

A founder quote

"Nico and I both share a deep desire to reduce transportation's impact on climate change, and we very much developed the Pave BK with this in mind. As more and more people shift away from traditional gas-powered vehicles and consider clean-energy alternatives, at Pave, we are building a brand to upend how we think about mobility. Yes, it should be good for the environment, but it should also be safe, easy to use, and incredibly fun to ride" said Pave Motors Co-Founder Caspar Nagel.

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