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Unleashing the Power of Visual Data with Akridata

What Akridata Does

Meet Akridata, the trailblazing software company reshaping the landscape of AI and visual data with its innovative end-to-end suite of products. With a keen focus on smart data ingestion and curation, Akridata is redefining efficiency, reducing complexity, and accelerating business value in the world of visual data processing.

Current Computer Vision Landscape

In the last five years, the deployment of cameras worldwide has surged, leading to an exponential growth in visual data. However, data processing tools have not kept pace with this expansion, burdening data scientists with manual and time-consuming data curation tasks. On average, data scientists spend nearly half of their time massaging and cleaning data, which hinders the rapid development of AI models.

Akridata Birth Story

Enter Akridata

The roots of Akridata trace back to 2018, when a team of visionary serial entrepreneurs recognized the challenges around visual data in the AI-computer vision space. They set out on a mission to tackle this unique set of problems and became the first company to exclusively focus on visual data at the edge.

Since then, Akridata has established itself as a pioneering force in the computer vision industry.

The Solution

At the heart of Akridata's product offering lies the revolutionary Data Explorer, a turnkey developer-friendly platform that saves time on data curation, lowers annotation costs and prevents wasted training cycles.

Data Explorer equips data scientists working on all stages of computer-vision development cycles with a myriad of functionalities, including:

  • Visualizing and Clustering Unlabeled Data: Data scientists can easily visualize and drill down into vast datasets, enabling them to identify clusters based on embeddings. They can identify outliers and get a quick data-tally without annotating a single image, understand the balance between classes and alert if bias exists.

  • Data Deduplication and Reduction: Lower annotation costs by applying smart sampling, to work only on what matters, removing duplications and reducing the volume of processed data.

  • Efficient Data Search: Data Explorer makes searching through vast amounts of raw videos or images fast, interactive and intuitive, reducing the search time from hours and days to minutes. Follow a text-based search using the latest text prompts, a scene- based search or even an object search by marking patches on images - all done in real time on hundreds of thousands of images.

  • Maintaining Data Quality: Keep your dataset clean by comparing any new set of images to the carefully curated ones, preventing low grade data from polluting the dataset.

  • Model accuracy analysis: With Data Explorer, DS teams will avoid unnecessary training cycles by focusing on the failure points of a trained model, enriching the data where required and improving model’s accuracy.

Akridata's Data Explorer is a game-changer in the realm of AI, computer vision and visual data, paving the way for smarter data ingestion and curation. With its cutting-edge offerings, Akridata is spearheading the transformation of visual data processing, saving time for data science teams and lowering development costs, while leading AI model accuracy to a level higher than ever before.

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