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Turning Strangers into Mates

What is Mortgagemates?

Mortgage Mates is an innovative online platform that uses an algorithm to match like-minded individuals (Mates) to co-own a home together. By entering a range of housing and houseMate preferences such as location, mortgage amount and whether you are a pet person or not, we turn strangers, into mates, to enable them to buy a house together. The Bumble of housing, instead of matching for love, we match for homeownership.

The Current Landscape

Mortgage Mates is the first website in the world to provide genuine co-ownership opportunities to individuals with limited home ownership options, and it comes at a time where individuals are opening up to innovative home ownership solutions including fractional housing and co-ownership.

With the average deposit now hitting over $100,000 and 70% of homeowners believing young people will never own their own home- we need to do something differently.

Company Birth Story

Daisy is a Passionate Community Programs Leader and Social Entrepreneur.

Daisy began working in Local Government in the United Kingdom, before moving into the community services sector.

For the past 10 years Daisy has been committed to ending homelessness in Western Australia, working for a Not For Profit agency in the areas of housing, older adults, family services and mental health.

She was named Dells Change Maker of the year 2021 and was a finalist in Pitch@Palace 2019.

The Solution

Mortgage Mates has been developed to address the housing affordability crisis in Australia, by enabling every Australian the ability to own their own home. In particular, Mortgage Mates targets individuals currently priced out of the housing market who are open to innovative, socially driven solutions to the housing crisis.

To date we have over 100 Mates signed up to the website, have released a Matched co-ownership manual and traditional co-ownership manual as well as a co-living e-book for Australia.

We have Mates who have signed up to the website across the country from Broome to Byron and had couples safely and securely co-own a home due to guidance from our co-ownership manual and third-party links.

Due to the ongoing housing crisis our Mates are facing intergenerational wealth divides, are likely to be severely impoverished at retirement if they don’t own a home, are facing unstable finances later in life, and; suffer increased anxiety about the future. This is the reason for reducing the cost by 50% by enabling two or more people to own a home together.

As part of the Mortgage Mates platform, once users have matched, they are able to use our What to do Next page to find information and resources on providers who can help them in their homeownership journey. This includes real estate agents to help them locate a home, lawyers to help them draft their co-ownership agreement and builders to help them develop the perfect property.

Mortgage Mates is a free to use website, meaning it is free for our Mates to sign up to, use and match on the platform. Our Mates can also choose to use any provider in the finance, real estate and legal space (we do not provide these services) meaning they retain as much of the traditional housing process as possible, and have no additional fees to pay for finding a co-owner to buy with.

A Customer Story


It's like a prenup for property (Buyer)

It’s a fantastic website for people like me, and so many others. You’ve done a fantastic job of catering to people who always get overlooked. Thank you. (User)

It's like longterm co-living, cool! (User)

A Founder Quote

We put people before property (Founder)

We believe everyone has the right to own their own home (Founder)

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