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Travelling more for less, thanks to MirrorTrip

What is MirrorTrip?

For inter-city travel: MirrorTrip is a one-way car rental solution that matches the user with people driving in the opposite direction - turning one-way trips into a round trip so that one doesn’t have to pay drop-off fees. MirrorTrip is a new type of car sharing they call 'ride switching'

The cost effectiveness of MirrorTrip

Because MirrorTrip is first-of-its-kind, and the only direct alternative is paying an often-steep drop-off fee, there is quite a void in this space; especially given 30k people post in the Craigslist ride sharing classifieds every month, and several times more than that actively search for one-way car rentals every month - just in North America alone.

The remaining landscape is comprised of traditional alternatives such as bus, train, short haul flights and carpool ridesharing.

For the first time ever though, MirrorTrip has made one-way car rentals price competitive with these traditional alternatives, which is an exciting prospect given its collective market share.

The origin of MirrorTrip

The penny dropped for the MirrorTrip idea during a 2016 summer vacation taken by a husband and wife. After renting 2 cars in 2 countries and driving for about 3,000 miles, the penny finally dropped for a solution that would easily allow them to drive from one country to another without any back tracking. Back home, the husband co-founded the company with some colleagues of his similarly talented in software development, graphic design, and marketing.

How MirrorTrip works

MirrorTrip matches the user with people driving in opposite directions so that he won’t have to pay drop-off fees. The way that it works is that one searches for a trip that he'd like to take by entering in the 2 locations and the 2 dates for pickup and drop-off. Here he can choose from the list of search results for other people like himself that would like to make a one-way trip, these people however are all wanting to travel in the opposite direction.

If his pickup date is adjacent to their drop-off date or vice a versa – he has a MirrorTrip match. If he can't find any matches, he can post his trip for other MirrorTrip users to match against.

After that, MirrorTrip’s secure portal collects all the final details such as time of day & payment information from both drivers and completes the booking with a top tier rental company like Hertz or others. Check them out:


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