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Tradion provides for a more sustainable future

What is Tradion?

Tradion, Inc. is a cleantech startup that delivers energy storage and EV charging as a service. They are the only product that leverages 2nd Life Batteries, offers a turnkey solution, and is available through a monthly subscription.

The current industry landscape

The rapid adoption of EVs is changing how consumers engage with energy. Existing products and services are expensive and complicated, limiting the adoption of sustainable technologies to the broader market.

Establishing the company

Founder of Tradion, Inc. Joshua has always been an entrepreneur, from his earliest days going door-to-door selling small trees to his neighbors when he was 10 years old. Joshua did not come from a world of opportunity and had to start at the ground level and work my way up. Teaching himself technologies, the process of selling, building a company, and developing a vision has been a hard process, full of failures and mistakes. But, he cannot imagine doing anything else.

The company solution

Tradion brings together EV charging and energy storage into a single platform. They leverage 2nd Life batteries, to reduce environmental impact. Their solution is installed, serviced and supported through a monthly subscription, costing less than what the average household spends a month on fuel.

Tradion is pre-market. However, their solution simplifies the process of implementing energy storage and EV charging. Their vision is to provide accessible, sustainable technologies.

“Energy sustainability can only be achieved when it becomes accessible to everyone” – Josh Bylsma

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