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This startup is giving out AI-generated stock picks that beat any human investor

What Candlestick does

Candlestick is a startup using AI to help people make smart investing decisions. Candlestick: AI Stock Picks is the startup’s new mobile app, available on both iOS and Android.

Candlestick's Current Landscape

Candlestick’s main competitors are automated robo-advisors like Wealthfront and Betterment. These companies use generic algorithms to manage people's money. Their services can be useful, but mostly for high net-worth individuals. If you are only investing a few thousand dollars (as most casual players are), these robo-advisors will likely generate less than $100 each year in returns. That hardly feels worth the fees they charge, and it is certainly not enough to begin building wealth. Candlestick's service uses more advanced AI technology to provide returns that beat the robo-advisors while also teaching you the ropes of the market and providing full transparency on how each pick is chosen.

Candlestick's Birth Story

Candlestick, as a company, was born in 2021. The founders of Candlestick are students who, at that time they started the company, simply had an interest in both AI and finance. In the midst of the pandemic boom in investing and the meme stock frenzy, they saw the explosion of apps such as Robinhood and thought that AI could be the perfect solution to people "going in blind" when they first start to buy stocks. At first, they simply wanted to see whether AI techniques could be applied to the stock market. Once they wrote the necessary code and ran the associated tests, they were stunned by the AI's excellent performance and immediately rushed to develop an app for it.

Candlestick's Solution

AI is growing more prominent in the finance industry, with many hedge funds and professional traders using the technology to boost their returns. However, AI investing hasn't been available to the general public. Candlestick wants to change that with their AI-powered weekly stock picks. Once you download the app, you get three picks per week as part of a monthly subscription. These picks come from Candlestick’s exclusive AI trading model, which has demonstrated superhuman performance. A Candlestick subscription also comes with a complete investing toolkit in the form of watchlists, company reports, AI stock ratings, and algorithmically generated news highlights. Candlestick’s users are typically new investors who don't know where to start or casual traders who need some guidance. The startup’s main pitch is that with Candlestick, you never again have to feel lost when investing.

A founder quote

The revolutionary power of AI has swept across several industries as systems like ChatGPT and DALL-E have given the public access to amazing creational capabilities. Candlestick AI is the next step in this wave. Candlestick is starting to make AI an essential part of everyday investing. Anthony DiMaggio, one of Candlestick’s founders, says, “Candlestick is all about eliminating the barriers to smart investing and great returns. You shouldn’t have to spend tons of time, money, and effort to figure out how to invest. Our AI is taking the hard work out of your hands and putting money into them.”

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