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The Tech Startup Pioneering Innovation in Commercial Real Estate

What e-States does

e-States is a crowdfunding marketplace for tokenized real estate where real estate developers can make institutional-grade commercial properties available to retail investors. They use blockchain tokens to represent fractional ownership in high-quality real estate assets.

The Current Landscape

e-States sits right between two industries: blockchain and commercial real estate. Currently, there is a lot of hesitancy regarding blockchain startups as a direct result of the crypto winter and fraudulent behavior that has been occurring within otherwise reputable companies. Investors are gravitating towards tokenization companies for one major reason: DeFi tends to perform best when blockchain is used to enrich an existing industry, rather than replace it.

Company Birth Story

The company began with Co-Founder Sean Schneider, who had been investing in commercial real estate (CRE) for almost a decade, giving him immediate insight into the industry’s pain points. The biggest issue he saw was the industry's entry barriers: retail investors simply do not have the capital requirements to source high-quality, CRE deals. He worked with Matthew Schneider, now the company’s CEO, to form e-States, after Matthew decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the power of blockchain technology in an already-trusted and quite lucrative industry.

The Solution

With their platform, real estate developers are able to fractionalize and tokenize their properties. In this process, they issue security tokens that represent membership interests in the business entities that own the property. This is equivalent to being a direct shareholder, with one particular added benefit: the cap table doesn't have shareholders, it has tokens, and tokens are managed by the blockchain. To many property owners, this is a sigh of relief.

The security tokens of these properties are available on the e-States marketplace for as little as $500, which is pennies compared to the typical CRE entry minimum of $35,000. Tokens add liquidity, reduce holding periods, ensure security and transparency, while the platform also provides other tools for property owners and investors.

e-States’ open beta began December of 2022 with a decent amount of success. CEO Matthew Schneider says their focus has been growing their partnerships, preparing for fundraising, and fine-tuning the user experience.

The Team Culture

e-States team values are based on two things: ambition and discipline — because these are two traits that can't be taught. They seek team players who are dedicated, persistent, and excited to grow themselves as much as the company will grow. Matthew says, “We encourage each other, set expectations, and strive for the best. We recognize failure not as a punishment but an opportunity.”

A founder quote

He also explains, regarding the company as a whole, “e-States has a responsibility to return trust and stability to an industry that is plagued with problems. If you want people to believe in blockchain, you have to call out the problems. Our mission is to rebuild trust by being a company with a genuine, productive use case. Together, we can tokenize real estate, block by block.”

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