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The "real time discount marketplace" at WitL

What is WitL?

Nick Schlueter is the Director of Marketing at WitL, a new discount marketplace launching in Austin TX this fall.

Current industry landscape

Existing discount marketplaces help connect restaurants with local customers by promoting the restaurants’ deals. However, due to the strict guidelines of marketplaces, most restaurants get stuck with discount campaigns that don't align with their specific needs. A restaurant’s discounting strategy should never be one size fits all. Instead, it should always consider various factors, such as upfront costs, ROI, date, time, customer type (new vs. repeat), and more.

How WitL was established

WitL was developed by a former restaurant owner who experienced the shortcomings of other discount platforms. Its mission is to connect restaurants and customers through custom discounts that benefit them both equally. This new discount marketplace provides a novel alternative to antiquated discounts by allowing restaurants to have complete control over their promotional campaigns, resulting in a better customer experience.

How does WitL work?

With WitL, restaurants can customize campaigns specifically to the dollar amount, date, and time–yes, this includes the expiration of discounts to the minute! WitL understands that offering discounts at specific dates and times or for a limited time allows restaurants to better control their costs. WitL has identified itself as the first discount platform to be able to differentiate between promoting to new and existing customers. WitL’s fees are only a fraction of the industry norm.

Customer service

This new tech startup is offering the first 150 Austin restaurants that sign up for their app with a no-risk, no-obligation trial where they can pass on $500 worth of discounts to their customers with absolutely no out-of-pocket costs.

Check them out:


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