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The NEW on-demand booking experience driving beauty & wellness solutions

What the company does?

Glamezy brings beauty and wellness appointment booking to fingertips of the consumer. Glamezy is also a technology enabler and a revenue accelerator for salons, SPAs, Nail salons, Wellness venues, massage parlours and Yoga studios in a Post COVID-19 era by providing a full suite of business management solution the businesses can depend upon while providing ability to bring in more customer bookings.

The Current Landscape

There are many salon management software available in the market however there’s lack of revenue boost avenues available for beauty and wellness businesses. Glamezy enables an untapped potential for beauty and wellness businesses by enabling customers to browse and book with their nearby businesses. For consumers, Glamezy brings-in effective selfcare practices to our busy lives, ability to explore beauty/wellness services nearby, and provides seamless checkout experience.

Company Birth Story

The concept was born from a frustrated customer, Soshika who is also a co-founder of the company, not having an easier way to browse and book beauty services nearby. Since then, we have converted the idea into reality, making Glamezy the appointment-booking and payment platform that drives the importance of self-care and also focused on transforming the hair, beauty, spa & wellness industry.

The Solution

At Glamezy, we are on a mission to advocate self-care and our vision is to empower small and medium businesses in beauty and wellness industry. We are a technology enabler for the beauty and wellness industry with a humble beginning as a beauty appointment booking platform.

A Customer Story

We advocate self-care, something we all have not done very well during the COVID-19 pandemic. We encourage our customers to stay on top of their self-care routines and tips. It is important for everyone to know that self-care does not have to be an expensive treatment always, its all about setting aside some time for yourself.

The Team Culture

Life at Glamezy is all about work/life balance. We encourage our team to live up self-care practises. We are strong believers of 4-days work week. Yes! 3-day weekends are here to stay with us at Glamezy.

A founder quote

The ‘New Normal’ is here to stay with us. We need to find new ways to stay on top of looking after ourselves. When you put your mind to focus on your own self-care, it brings truly amazing results to everything you do.

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