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The Ingredient Brothers Story: Adding the Secret Ingredient to the Food Industry

What Ingredient Brothers does

Ingredient Brothers teams up with clients to source ingredients from across the world, utilizing a global team to move quickly and efficiently.

Custom software helps Ingredient Brothers manage the movement of food in a transparent, compliant, and efficient manner, offering customers the assurance they need when running multi-billion-dollar companies.

Ingredient Brothers Current Landscape

While innovation exists in multiple areas of the supply chain, the import space is still predominantly managed by small businesses that have been operating without change for years.

The result is a lack of investment in technology and process improvement. It is an old, unappetizing space that requires significant capital to compete in any noteworthy manner.

Company Birth Story

The company was born out of its founders’ own frustrations as ingredient buyers.

They had spent years buying tons upon tons of products each year and saw an opportunity to do better.

In 2020, after what was a life-changing year for Eran Mizrahi at, where he helped to quadruple the throughput of operations in the middle of the pandemic’s disruption, he decided it was time to take the leap and build what he had been missing in the industry.

He convinced Aalap to leave his role at Simply Gum, where he ran operations, and join him in this journey.

The Solution

Together, Eran and Aalap wanted to change the disparate business architecture of their competitors, where a lack of communication hampers the ability to operate effectively and provide transparency to customers.

That’s why Ingredient Brothers built a fully integrated supply chain system that streamlines all aspects of the process into a single flow. It’s an incredibly important aspect of the food industry, where every step is governed by strict regulatory requirements and information needs to flow seamlessly to customers.

In the short time that the company has been around, Ingredient Brothers has partnered with some of the largest brands in the US, positioning itself as more than a mere importer, but rather as an extension of their client’s team. This approach regularly results in customers entrusting more of their inventory sourcing to Ingredient Brothers.

And it makes sense, because it’s this process that has helped Ingredient Brothers grow accounts from a few hundred thousand dollars in revenue to a few million.

A Customer Story

When working with a new buyer, the primary concern is always understanding their client’s needs and environment first. Because the best ingredients can only be found once you understand how they will be used and which challenges the manufacturing process could face.

In one case, this attention to the process helped the team realize that a client was transforming an ingredient in-house into a product that Ingredient Brothers could supply directly from the source. It’s a discovery that led directly to cost and resource savings and improved product freshness.

This is why the company spends time working with its manufacturing partners to extract the utmost value for them.

The Team Culture

Doing things differently isn’t only a client-facing element in the company. The team embraces the South African spirit of Ubuntu, which helps them maintain a unified fully remote team.

Being able to hire people from across the globe puts the company a stone’s throw from the suppliers and farming community they work with, helping them build relationships on both sides of the supply chain.

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