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The Hands-Free Invention That Will 100% Change Your Sex Life

What the company does

Raya is revolutionizing the intimacy space with their sex mat called the “Lotus”. This super comfortable mat allows you to use multiple suction cup toys and gives you a comfortable, convenient, affordable, and completely hands-free experience. It’s improving intimacy for so many people and partners.

The Current Landscape

The Lotus by Raya is a completely revolutionary product on the market. All of the other products in their competitive industry rely on a strap-on function - whether that is strapping a dildo onto a pillow, hard surface, or even a textbook. The experience isn’t satisfying with these makeshift strap-on products, and the experience certainly isn’t hands-free.

What Raya offers is a super comfortable mat that is designed to hold one or multiple toys with a suction cup backing. The mat is easy to clean, comfortable, and offers a completely hands-free experience, which is a game changer in this field of adult toys and accessories. It’s also affordable, especially compared to competitors in the market.

Company Birth Story

The founders had always wanted to bring a product to market. During the 2020 pandemic shutdown, they started doing research in the booming adult toy industry and it didn’t take long before they noticed an opportunity. Most dildos on the market already come with a built on suction-cup base but users didn't have any great options for mounting systems. After doing some research, they found most people were using a wide variety of objects and surfaces around the house to get a firm grip, but mostly always lacking comfort and hands free control. So many people were using mirrors, dishware, laptops, textbooks, etc. So many people were forced to use hard floor surfaces like hardwood, marble, tile, and porcelain. That’s when they decided to get involved and engineer the Lotus by Raya. After an initial round of prototype testing with potential customers and online content creators, they knew we had something special and started production of their first variation, which launched in January 2021.

The Solution

Raya is a revolutionary intimacy product that solves many of the issues that are found with similar products in the space: it offers a completely hands-free, comfortable experience. Raya’s Lotus sex toy mat is unique in its design and versatility. They have received excellent reviews from their customers, and they hope to reach more people with their innovative product. Their customers include all genders, people from the LGBTQIA+ community, and even people with physical disabilities. This product has been a game changer for individuals and partners from every walk of life.

A Customer Story

The founders of Raya are so grateful to have had so many amazing customers leave very positive and surprisingly detailed reviews of their product online. You can find them on their website and in their Etsy shop. What surprised them was how many customers from all walks of life were using and enjoying their product. From single people to couples, married couples to content creators; whether it be straight, gay, lesbian, trans, or queer. Their product is for everyone and they love the support and encouragement they’ve received from so many members of the LBGTQIA+ community. A group that they didn’t expect to hear from or impact was people with physical disabilities. They’ve had several customers with handicaps that have reached out to tell them how amazing the Lotus has been for them and they as a company have been so touched by that response and are looking for more opportunities to spread that message. Their goal is to empower all of their customers to be able to enhance their sexual desires and fantasies. Sex is a normal part of all of our lives and they want Raya to be the brand to support that journey for people all over the world.

The Team Culture

Two lifelong friends founded Raya as an opportunity to make a change in the marketplace and create a new business together. They’ve always wanted to find a project or opportunity to create and build something as partners since they’ve found success in their very different fields of industry. An anecdote that comes to mind is how quickly they learned the importance of incognito mode on their web browsers when they began their initial research and development phase in market research.

A founder quote

“Revolutionize Intimacy with the Lotus by Raya.” (A more tongue and cheek quote would be, “Go Fuck Yourself with the Lotus by Raya” )

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