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The First Crypto Tax Accountant & Bookkeeper To Help Sort Out Crypto Trades

What is Forte Innovations?

Forte Innovations is back-office firm that provides cryptocurrency tax

accounting, bookkeeping, Fractional Controller & CFO services.

The Current Landscape

The government regulatory framework around crypto currencies is

here. It means that tax must be paid on every crypto trade. Users

that trade many NFTs, crypto token and currencies are shocked that

they have to report their gains and losses. Governments are able to

trace and track trades. Every crypto blockchain is open by their

nature. Business and personal tax events are included.

Currently, there are scarce accountants and CPAs who are skilled in

cryptocurrencies. Besides, traditional CPAs are not familiar with

crypto currencies and do not want to be bothered with. They can

service their traditional book of clients.

Company Birth Story

Started as cloud-based initiative after losing his job as a CFO. The

founder decided that it was time to follow his dream by starting a

business. He tried to find product-market fit. The business took off

when governments started to regulate crypto currencies. Crypto

traders and investors realized that they need be tax compliant. Our

phones got flooded by clients seeking our skillset in the 2022 tax

season. Crypto, as a proportion of our business, is the fastest

growing segment. It will soon to overtake our traditional lines of


The Solution

Our business is filling a big gap in the crypto tax and accounting

markets. Traditional CPAs are not familiar with crypto currencies and

do not want to be bothered with them. They can service their

traditional book of client.

What makes Forte different

1. Developed proprietary tools that fill gaps left by online crypto

tax calculators like Koinly and Crypto Tax Calculator.

2. Trained accountants with broad multi-industry knowledge

3. Analytics professionals

4. Crypto is in our DNA

A Customer Story

“It was my first year doing my crypto taxes and it confused the hell

out of me. But both Ginny and Ronny were super nice and quick

about it. Their services are outstanding! They were very clear and

saved me from stressing over my crypto taxes. I would do business

with them again! I highly recommend Forte Innovations for your

crypto taxes!” Keric Wu

A Founder Quote

"Our customers are treated to an exceptional experience that

includes solutions, strategic services, and long-term support.  Lean

on Forte for your next project"


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