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THE CNC COMPANY: Make Making Accessible to All!


THE CNC COMPANY is THE place makers go for content, community, and tools. A hobbyist engineer can have a garage full of thecncco machines to make whatever they dream. When learning a new tool they'd go to to follow an expert tutorial while publishing their process to the blog.

The Current Landscape

Today the most populist type of CNC machine is the 3D printer. It's seen explosive growth over the years and continues to see explosive growth with a 23% growth rate year by year. What's really interesting is that everyone is extremely excited about 3D printing, but barely anyone's even heard of a CNC machine. Why is this? It comes down to just 1 reason: accessibility. 3D printers have been around for a bit (since the 80's) but have only been making waves recently. While in the beginning a 3D printer would cost ~$300K, when 3D Systems released a machine for under $10K in 2007, it allowed the tech to become more mainstream. Today you can get a reliable machine for ~$300. The combination of cheap prices and quality machines allows anyone today to own a 3D printer, and even though the tech is decades old, that is what makes it so exciting now. The rest of the CNC market has not been able to keep up. It's currently in the stone ages, back in the 80's. You can get a quality machine - for tens of thousands of dollars, or a cheap one - which is garbage. THE CNC COMPANY is going to change the CNC market in the way the 3D printing market was changed in the '07.

Company Birth Story

THE CNC COMPANY is an ad-hoc business spawned from 3 Rutgers rocket scientists, Alex, Chianli, and Zack. Approaching the last years of university, the founders' Rutgers Rocket Propulsion Lab [RRPL] was flying higher than ever but plagued by an annoying problem. Rocket component manufacturing had to be outsourced, causing delays, headache, and inflexibility. Buying a CNC to make parts in-house was impossible with prices hitting 5 figures. Cheap ones were deceptive, often selling an incomplete machine or a shoddy one. So they set out to engineer quality machines anyone could own supported by expert content for your machining experience to be nothing like ours.

The Solution

Problem 1: CNC machines are either good but mega overpriced or cheap but total garbage.

Solution 1: Make CNCs that are both quality and priced so people can afford it.

Problem 2: Buying a CNC is frustrating with ugly websites and a million unincluded add-ons to make the machine work not included in the initial price Solution 2: Make a clean site without deceptive pricing making it unconfusing to buy a machine.

Problem 3: Because of problems 1 and 2, CNC machines are hard to get into and aren't cool or exciting.

Solution 3: Make a super cool company with super cool content so more people can get into making.

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