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The Cheer Collective, accomplishing goals together

What is The Cheer Collective?

The Cheer Collective is the first socially-led goal setting app that transforms the way users think about personal goals, moving beyond the individualist model of private goal setting behaviour, by creating a platform that is motivating, inclusive and supportive for all its users. The Cheer Collective is on a mission to encourage and empower people to be the best version of themselves, to take charge of their direction, hopes and vision for their future with a support network behind them.

Creation of the company

Launching in early 2022, The Cheer Collective is an iOS and Android app that allows users to set a variety of goals, getting cheered on for their efforts and

cheering others on in their pursuits. The past 24 months have presented a range of challenges for so many across the world, but it was also a time for self-discovery, reflection, and growth for many.

Rochelle Winter Davis, Founder of The Cheer Collective, rode the turbulent highs and lows of the past two years, keeping in contact with her friends in

Australia and England, via phone. While they were geographically distant, they were able to stay connected to each other by talking through their varying experiences. They would set daily/weekly/monthly goals to keep positive and stay motivated even on the darkest of days and prolonged lockdowns.

The Cheer Collective was founded on the universal longing for connection and purpose during a time when hope and excitement for the future was so

important for physical and mental health and wellbeing. As the world recovers and starts to heal, The Cheer Collective wants to motivate, inspire, and empower women to be unapologetic in their pursuits.

How it works

The Cheer Collective is a hybrid goal setting and networking app that offers an exploratory approach to goal-setting rather than a rigid structure informed by theoretical or psychological disciplines. In this way, the app is unique in its approach to collective goal setting and is suitable for all people at different stages of their lives.

The Cheer Collective looks beyond the superficial filters of Instagram and Facebook or the professional bias of LinkedIn and creates a safe space for people

to engage in personal growth and development with other like-minded women.

The Cheer Collective app allows users to explore and better understand why they are setting a particular goal. It also encourages people to share their goals (if they want to) which they can do so by setting their profile to public or adding another user to their goal. Other users can then signal their praise directly

through the app by giving “cheers”. Users can select a preset cheer or write their own words of encouragement.

Goals can be set as either short-term or long-term goals for personal and professional targets. Goals are broken down by milestones to give the user

a constant sense of achievement. The Cheer Collective breaks down the barriers of collective goal setting which can come from fear of failure, shame, or embarrassment, by encouraging users to set, track and share their goals and cheer each other on, on the good days and cheer each other up on the not so good days. This connectivity is proven to keep users on track and re-enforces a

positive experience for all involved.

The app features:

- Home Feed – a visual page of all the goals from those you follow.

- Goal Pages – Keep track of goals with a dedicated page.

- Explore – get inspired by scanning through goals with matching preferences to your own.

- Your Profile – set your profile to private or public.

- Users Profile – for public profiles, you can scan other users and see how they are progressing.

- Send Cheer – impressed by a smashed goal? Then Cheer someone on! Create a personal message or use one of the preset messages.

- Create Goal – there are no rules here.

- Privacy Settings – all your data is kept safe and secure.

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