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The Birth of Systemic Justice: Planetary Chess

What Planetary Chess Does

Planetary Chess is a social entrepreneurial venture with a steadfast commitment to empowering marginalized communities and tackling the prevalent issue of systemic racism globally. It draws inspiration from the strategic intricacies of chess to navigate and disassemble the systemic barriers that restrict order, balance, peace and justice.

The Current Landscape

Racism and social injustice still plague society. Many works address racism reactively, but few provide proactive solutions. Anti-racism may be considered a friendly competitor with similar goals but different paths to get there. Planetary Chess is rooted in counter racism and takes the path of complete accountability for the Black or colored side of the Chess board. It doesn’t believe in crying or begging for concessions from a robot opponent... Because systemic racism is an old but well crafted machine, with no one in charge that thrives on ignorance to survive. With knowledge and strategy, it can be defeated and rendered useless. Checkmate.

Company Birth Story

Planetary Chess actually came to life about two years ago when the founder released the book, “Introduction to Planetary Chess”. Well, in hindsight.. It didn’t actually come to life then, perhaps it’s better to say that’s when the system was conceived. It was in an incubation period you might say for a year and a half before AI made a lasting impression. That’s about the time that the system was actually born. The research that went into this spans back to 2014 however. That was a tumultuous summer that took the lives of many unarmed black men. The trend sparked the research which led the founder to the scholars who shaped this system, predominantly Dr. Francis Cress Welsing and Dr. Amos Wilson, pioneers in counter racist logic.

The Solution

Here’s how the system actually works: "Introduction to Planetary Chess," serves as a pivotal manual meticulously outlining a robust process to triumph over systemic racism. It acts as the cornerstone of the initiative, providing a clear and structured roadmap towards empowerment and change. In the initiative's arsenal are Tzu-racializm art and the Planetary Chess game, both meticulously designed to captivate and engage the youth, fostering a sense of involvement and commitment to the cause. Upon the establishment of the large language model (LLM) and the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), the initiative enters a phase of critical evaluation, scrutinizing the state of systemic racism and recalibrating strategies as necessary. The DAO stands as a beacon of reward and recognition, incentivizing participation in Tzu-racializm and ensuring that the youth are not just spectators but active contributors to the movement. This cyclical system, once set into motion, is designed to renew and regenerate every seven years, ensuring sustained momentum and perpetual vigilance in the fight against systemic racism. The renewal is signified by a new book volume of Planetary Chess. This multifaceted approach, utilizing literature, art, gaming and technology is a living, breathing ecosystem of change and knowledge, with a commitment to nurturing and guiding it towards the complete eradication of systemic racism.

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