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The App That Helps Young People Quit Vaping

What is Puff Count?

Puff Count is a mobile application that keeps track of how much users vape, and guides them through the process of quitting by slowly reducing usage over time.

The Current Landscape

Currently there is a vaping epidemic among young people. 80% of highschool students have admitted to smoking a vape at least once. This is the new age of cigarettes and tobacco companies are heavily investing in the new trendy way to get young people hooked on nicotine for life.

There are very few products on the market that help people quit vaping, besides Puff Count. All of the competitor applications simply help their users keep track of how much time they have spent vape free. Puff Count is the only application that actively helps users in their journey to cut back.

Company Birth Story

Puff Count was built by Steven Cravotta in his dorm room at college. He and his friends got hooked on the electronic vape wave during his junior year of college. He quickly came to realise how bad this habit was on his health and wallet. So he decided to leverage his app development skills to build a product that would help his friends and peers quit the terrible habit. Puff Count was born.

The Solution

Competitor apps rely on the user to quit nicotine cold turkey. 70% of people fail to quit nicotine cold turkey after heavy usage for a long period of time. Puff Count aims to solve this by helping its users cut back over time, making the final kick much easier on the body, resulting in less withdrawals.

Puff Counts unique solution is based on scientific evidence that reducing usage over time makes the quit much easier. Puff Count offers a Quit Coach that will guide the user through reducing usage until they are at 0 puffs per day on their desired quit date.

The Team Culture

Steven Cravotta is the sole founder of Puff Count. His mission is to build great products that help people live healthier & happier lives.

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