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The AI Platform Revolutionizing LinkedIn Personal Branding Content Creation

What Vulse does

Vulse is revolutionizing social media content creation, leveraging AI technologies to help users develop relevant, timely, and engaging content, reducing post times from hours to seconds.

Capitalizing on the meteoric rise of LinkedIn personal branding, Vulse combines the power of the LinkedIn API, a unique scoring system, and algorithm knowledge to produce highly engaging posts.

The Current Landscape

The current social media landscape is constantly evolving and it can be challenging for many to keep up with the latest trends and techniques for creating engaging content.

However, with the power of AI, Vulse has created a platform that streamlines and optimizes the content creation process, allowing users to produce higher quality, more personalized content at scale.

As a content creation platform, Vulse is always looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve and use technology to their advantage, with AI playing a significant role in that.

Many social media scheduling tools exist, including Hootsuite & Buffer, however, they require users to invest time in learning where to source media and how to write engaging posts that are prioritized by complex social network algorithms.

In addition, & Jasper offer automatic content generation, however, there is no functionality to schedule or calculate if the content will be engaging or formatted correctly for social networks.

No platform offers a dedicated service for users; one that will provide content ideas, and generate posts based on best practices, until now, Vulse.

Company Birth Story

Vulse is the brainchild of social media CEO, Rob Illidge, who has leveraged 15 years of industry experience and a network of over 30,000 LinkedIn followers.

Rob lives and breathes Vulse. It's the reason he gets up every morning, and the one thing that he devotes his life to.

His vision is to build a platform used by millions of global users, helping them to create relevant and engaging content.

In 2015, he founded social media agency, Social Republic, bootstrapping it from a start-up to global business. He’s the one person that will take this company to the stratosphere.

The Solution

In 5 years, Vulse is aiming to be the world’s leading, AI-powered social media post-creation platform setting the bar for digital marketing innovation, offering products for all major social networks and serving millions of users.

The Vulse team has worked in the social media industry since 2008, witnessing the issues users face when trying to build personal brands or develop engaging content to promote the companies they work for.

Users are struggling to develop quick ideas, finding it difficult to think of relevant, timely content that resonates with target audiences.

Vulse knows that people want to be more active on social media but lack the tools to give them the guidance they need. In addition, existing employee advocacy products are expensive, complex and rarely adopted.

The solution they have created is a web application built using the LinkedIn API, which helps content creators generate highly-engaging social media posts.

Their algorithm and scoring system has been created using industry experience and guidelines provided by social networks.

Their next step is to integrate the latest AI technologies reducing content creation times from hours to seconds.

Their advantage? Having founded a social media agency back in 2015, receives algorithm updates directly from social networks and works on a daily basis with employees that require a solution.

A Customer Story

Lucy is a real-life user and content creator who has previously spent, on average, 2.5 hours creating a social media post.

She has no industry experience but understands the need to use social media to promote her personal brand.

One post requires the input content idea generation from Jasper, image creation using Canva, and direct posting using LinkedIn.

Vulse allows her to create posts in seconds.

A founder quote

“As more businesses influence shifts to platforms that are difficult to track, the online relationships that are generated by employees will be the differentiator of a business’ growth. Vulse is the future of content creation, powered by the exciting growth of AI technologies.”

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