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Tailor-made approaches to telesales with Waytobill

What is Waytobill?

Waytobill is an easy payment plug-in system for telesales companies. The smart way to increase the sales conversion and profitability of subscription businesses. By specializing in telesales checkout with a tailor-made approach, Waytobill can help businesses increase the number of paid orders and extend their subscription volume.

Current industry landscape

According to their estimates, the telesales sector generates 10 billion EUR in annual sales volume, and it is expected to achieve a 5% annual growth. However, this industry is facing a fast-changing environment. Lower conversion rates, constant modernization of the communications channels, and an increasing cost of customer acquisition have made every order that can be converted into a paid order a very valuable asset. Waytobill is the tool to accomplish this.

One of the biggest challenges telesales are currently facing is to convert those agreed deals with customers into actual paid orders. Around 20% to 50% of the sales volume is lost in this process. This is where Waytobill enters the game.

The founding of Waytobill

Waytobill was born in 2020 thanks to their founders Alejandro Pino and Magnus Bendelin, both experts in the fintech industry. With the help of Polynom investment company and other angel investors, they have established themselves as innovation leaders of the fin-tech industry in the telemarketing payment sector in Europe.

How does Waytobill work?

By activating Waytobill’s plug-in, the customer will receive a payment link by SMS or email which will redirect them to Waytobill's Telesales Checkout, and then proceed to payment. By initiating the payment while in the call or directly after, the probability of the customer paying increases. Studies show that with an average sale of 100 subscriptions per day, a 1% lower drop off gives about 50 000€ in higher annual profit

About the team

Born out of a moment of uncertainty during the Covid-19 pandemic, Waytobill has embraced a remote multinational work approach. Although the company is based in Sweden, they have more than 5 nationalities spread across Europe in their team, which aligns perfectly with their values of approachability, diversity and transparency.

The team is composed of two interconnected branches, the developers and the marketing team. In both of them they have implemented an inclusive approach and are proud to say that both their teams are gender diverse.

Waytobill have found that daily meetings, self reliance and a lot of memes are the perfect recipe for creating a thriving professional team in an expanding sector.

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