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Tackling the global workforce using XChainz

What is XChainz?

The XChainz platform is an AI, blockchain-based platform that provides assessment, coaching, training and verifiable certifications for individuals looking to compete within the global workforce of tomorrow. This is accomplished through the development of an artificially intelligent learning platform for the acquisition of hard and soft skills needed in the emerging world of work.

Current industry landscape

There is a fundamental shift occurring within the global workforce, which requires constant learning and acquisition of new and highly valued skills. The demand for highly skilled workers is increasing at a pace far greater than supply and has led to an increase for additional education and training options.

Providing digital credentials to learners is a natural next step for any organization offering online learning and assessments. Several competitor solutions for digital credentialing, including blockchain-based credentials were reviewed. It was determined that those solutions are effective but all require a certifying organization to store and serve records.

Why XChainz was founded

XChainZ, Inc. was founded in 2018 to facilitate the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in commerce, education, and government. From the onset, XChainZ strove to merge computer adaptive testing with distributed ledger technology. The founders are Ex-IBM leaders and an Ex-Facebook executive.

The XChainz mission

Based upon the initial success of using blockchain as a public proof-of-provenance protocol, using blockchain technology for credentialing in mainstream products has interest but is yet unproven. In addition, although standards for recording credentials on blockchain exists, single-transaction selective disclosure in blockchain-issued credentials has not been implemented. The XChainz solution has the potential to be a high-impact technological innovation.

How XChainz impacts its customers

The XChainz skills assessments are used to evaluate and gauge professional skills at any point in the process of a job requisition. It is an ideal way to collect data to inform on skills development gaps and needs and is currently being utilized by the professional basketball team, the New York Knicks.


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