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Simplify Your Supply Chain For Metal Raw Materials

What Raykam Alloys LLP does

Raykam Alloys LLP is dedicated to simplifying Ferrous and Non- Ferrous Metals raw material Supply Chain for the Manufacturers, while following our strict quality control protocol and using innovative solutions to minimize lead time.

The Current Landscape

Presently, large-scale companies have a strong supply chain setup developed over the years. Meanwhile, the small scale and medium scale growing companies struggle to maintain a wide range of vendors and end up making wrong decisions at multiple points of their company’s journey. They have an option to work with four distinct categories of businesses within the market offering metal raw materials:

a. Manufacturers of raw materials.

Pros: Competitive factory pricing, tailored quality to meet specific requirements.

Cons: Extensive lead times extending into months, large bulk quantity requirements, limited flexibility in payment terms.

b. Dealers and stockists of raw materials.

Pros: Immediate access to ready stock, reduced order quantity requirements compared to manufacturers.

Cons: Price control by dealers, limited material knowledge, reliance on manufacturers for quality assurance, supply interruptions as stock depletes until replenished by manufacturers, restricted product variety.

c. Local traders of raw materials.

Pros: Minimal lead times, low order quantities.

Cons: Absence of ready stock, higher pricing, lack of quality checks or assurances, irregular supply, limited material expertise, absence of additional sales services, and a restricted product portfolio

d. E-commerce site for raw materials

Pros: Wide range of local traders and dealers Cons: No background check done by aggregators, false information, lack of trust, probability of a fraud, no legal support or seller authenticity guarantee by aggregator platform, limited material expertise, price controlled by sellers.

Raykam Alloys LLP sees the above categories with a unique perspective. The manufacturers and dealers are business partners are the sourcing points. Apart from direct approach and word of mouth, local traders and e-commerce sites are a channel of distribution. Raykam Alloys LLP empower local traders and e- commerce sites with expanded product range, material knowledge and authenticity.

Company Birth Story

Our Managing Partner, Harshil Doshi, worked in the Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals sector for 6 years at a reputed manufacturer at an influential position where he learnt the ins and outs of the business. After handling a multimillion-dollar portfolio, our managing partner realized the gap and demand in the market for a trusted source for all kinds of materials. Hence, Raykam Alloys LLP was incorporated to cater for this gap in the market and have onboarded a wide range of customers from multiple sectors like Cookware, Furniture, Machinery, Process Manufacturers, OEMs, Industrial Equipment, and many more.

The Solution

Raykam Alloys LLP is dedicated to building long lasting relationships with its customers, catering to their wide range of new and growing requirements. Raykam Alloys LLP desires to be the company their customers think of whenever a requirement comes up, no matter the quantity. So far, Raykam Alloys LLP have successfully executed multiple bulk and small orders that no one would cater to without unreasonable pricing. Raykam Alloys LLP have proven their expertise to their customers and have received continuous repeat orders. With growing customer base from word of mouth and referrals, Raykam Alloys LLP keeps taking on new challenges to serve their customers’ requirements.

Raykam Alloys LLP has tie-ups with reputed manufacturers, processors and dealers ranging from small scale to bulk manufacturers help us maintain the quality standards as well customization to any quantity at reasonable prices. These business partnerships with all types of elements in the industry help Raykam Alloys LLP provide high quality, competitively priced and fast delivery of the desired products. Raykam Alloys LLP has a vision to cater every small and medium scale end-user manufacturer to simply their supply chain for all their metal requirements

A founder quote

"A no is just a sign that you have more room for improvement"

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