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Saving the Auto Recycling Industry; One App at a Time

What Yardsmart does

Yardsmart is a cloud based software (SaaS) specifically created for self-service auto recyclers to continuously update their data management systems, maintain a real time inventory and track sales.

The Current Landscape

Because there were no current or relevant operating systems to access or track my data, Yardsmart was designed as an app suited to meet the needs of an auto recycler. No competition exists. Yardsmart was awarded the ” Innovation in Cloud Computing” Distinction by RVA Tech in Richmond, in 2022, the year released it for use, after beta testing it for two years.

Company Birth Story

Yardsmart was created in order to survive as a business, within an industry that totals around 10,000 retailers in the U.S. alone. and to provide a solutions for those retailers. As an owner of three auto recycling locations, an upgraded system was no longer available, so Yardsmart App was designed and created with a team, that understood the needs of retailers.

The Solution

By embracing technology we were able to create a cloud based operating system that allows access to our data from anywhere in the world, at any time.  The software was designed in a way that presents data and metrics quickly and easily, so it can be accessed to check on the performance of any department in real time.

A Customer Story

While proud to be a small business owner and entrepreneur, being a father and husband brings the most joy to my life. It means a lot to spend more time with family and less time at work, crunching numbers and looking over reports. With the advent of Yardsmart, it is possible to keep an eye on the business out of the office, with the mobility of a cloud based application.

The Team Culture

The program director is a former gear head and mechanic who was going to programming school at night while working on the sales counter during the day. As we initiated the development of the application, he was an asset to have because he could speak the language and could communicate with the developers about what was wanted. Instead of losing him to a programming job, he was moved to the YardSmart team where he could continue to put his unique skill set to good use. Nowhere else could a car guy, and computer programmer be tapped to fill the role. Plus, the employee has literally been there since before the Yardsmart company and app started.

A founder quote

“Doing it all on your own is not possible. A trusted team of experts to provide true advice as needed is the answer. “

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