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Rove Charging: EV charging without the challenges.

What Rove does

Rove is building “full-service charging” by building dedicated 24/7 EV fast charging stations with solar canopies, DC fast charging, healthy grab & go food, clean restrooms, a dog run, car wash and a WiFi lounge. With staff onsite to assist with technical issues and security to keep it safe.

The Current Landscape

Other networks deploy charging in the back of a parking lot, not providing even the most basic amenities. As EVs reach mass market adoption, drivers expect more.

Rove’s approach is to build real stations that they own and operate to provide a better experience and give people the confidence that they can get in, get recharged and get on with their day. Charging without the challenges.

Company Birth Story

The founders were renewable energy developers who were tired of sitting in the back of a Costco parking lot waiting 30 minutes to get in a charging space and ½ mile from the closest restroom. By focusing on improving the drivers experience and including their knack for energy management, they developed a new model that breaks away from the utilitarian model that exists today to provide a full-service experience that empowers drivers and minimizes the hassles.

The Solution

By owning and operating their locations, Rove can bring the hardware needed to control the energy demand and provide the type of amenities that drivers expect from any fueling station.

The Team Culture

The team is made up of people who believe that there is still time to make a difference. As EV adoption grows exponentially, Rove is building a charging network that is run by EV drivers, for EV drivers. Their stations will be a place where the EV community can gather with likeminded folks to recharge their vehicles and their bodies.

A founder quote

Co-founder Michael Lumbley

“At Rove, we don’t let what has been done stand in the way of what can be done”

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