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Roaming Aromas: Redefines the Blend ofDesign, Travel, and Coffee

What BestCafeDesigns does showcases extraordinary cafe architecture worldwide. It offers a curated gallery of visually stunning cafes, highlighting innovative design, ambiance, and cultural nuances. The platform serves as a source of inspiration for design enthusiasts, photographers, coffee lovers, travellers and cafe operators.

The Current Landscape holds a unique niche by exclusively focusing on showcasing exceptional cafe designs globally. The website's specialized content, emphasizing the artistic and diverse aspects of cafe architecture, sets it apart. While other platforms may cover general design or culinary topics,'s specific focus on cafe design differentiates it, making it a valuable resource for enthusiasts seeking in-depth insights into this niche realm.

Company Birth Story

Best Cafe Designs was born from the vision of Andrew, a time- pressed architect proficient in photography and web design. A coffee enthusiast who finds solace in cafes, Andrew recognized the intricate design thinking that goes into crafting the identity and user experience of these spaces. Despite time constraints from architectural projects and family commitments, Andrew sought to merge his passions efficiently. Best Cafe Designs serves as a platform where he combines his love for coffee, appreciation for great design, and photography, creating a curated space that celebrates the diverse and thoughtful aesthetics of cafes around the world.

The Solution

In a Forrest Gump-inspired journey, Andrew began photographing cafes during his coffee breaks in Sydney CBD, expanding globally by commissioning photographers from diverse locations via Upwork. With 70 cafes captured and counting, Andrew enlisted writer Penelope Barker to craft stories for The niche website beautifully merges cafe design, travel, and coffee passions, connecting enthusiasts worldwide. stands out from competitors by uniquely focusing on the intersection of cafe design, travel, and coffee culture. Unlike broader design or culinary platforms, its niche approach captivates enthusiasts with curated visuals and engaging stories from cafes worldwide. The success lies in its global reach, with photographers commissioned from diverse locations. The vision is to continue expanding this niche community, providing a dedicated space for design, travel, and coffee lovers to explore, appreciate, and connect through the artistry of cafe design.

A Customer Story is changing lives by creating a global community of design, travel, and coffee enthusiasts. It provides a platform for photographers worldwide to contribute, connecting people from places like Pakistan, Lebanon, Vietnam, Peru, UK, Germany, Spain, and Ukraine. This not only gives exposure to diverse cafe designs but also empowers individuals globally to share their unique perspectives. The website is fostering connections and sparking inspiration, making a meaningful impact on the lives of those passionate about the artistry and cultural richness found in cafes around the world.

The Team Culture

Andrew Chung, the founder of, seamlessly embodies the culmination of his multifaceted skills as an architect, photographer, website designer, and ardent coffee lover, bringing a unique and captivating perspective to the world of cafe design.

Andrew is ably supported by a 40+ collaborative of photographers, design writers and social media managers worldwide.

A founder quote

“At, we're not just documenting cafes; we're crafting an anthology of design, travel, and coffee. It's a celebration of the spaces that inspire, the destinations that beckon, and the brews that bring it all together.”

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