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The Startup Helping Americans Beat BlackRock at Real Estate

What Coffee Clozers does

Coffee Clozers is a tool for real estate investors to find cash-flowing investment properties. With the help of AI and machine learning to streamline the process, Coffee Clozers analyzes and narrows down thousands of properties and brings the best ones to the top of the list.

The Current Landscape

In the current economic climate, it’s no secret that average Americans are looking for more secure investments – many of which turn to real estate investing. Traditionally, finding good investment properties is a time-consuming and frustrating process – it can take hours to sift through Zillow and crunch the numbers in Excel, one property at a time. With current interest rates and low inventory, pinpointing properties with positive cash-flow can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. That’s where Coffee Clozers comes in to help.

Company Birth Story

Coffee Clozers was born from the frustration of co-founder Ariel Herrera. While working full-time, she aspired to invest in real estate. However, she found traditional research methods slow and cumbersome. Leveraging her data science expertise, she developed her own "hacks" to find good deals. By the age of 30, she had invested in six properties on her own, leading her to start a YouTube channel to share the knowledge she had gained. There was only one problem – most people didn't have time to build those same solutions and would eventually give up. Coffee Clozers is the next step, automating these successful techniques to make real estate investing accessible to everyone.

The Solution

The Coffee Clozers vision is to help anyone with a little savings become a sophisticated real estate investor. So how does it work?

First they rank every US city based on cash-flow, create a heat-map of each city to pinpoint ideal neighborhoods, then calculate property ROI, and prioritize the most promising opportunities. They even uncover hidden gems, such as properties with the potential for adding a bedroom. Unlike competitors who offer tools requiring manual analysis, Coffee Clozers performs all the analysis upfront, reducing an overwhelming number of possibilities to a manageable list of diamonds in the rough.

A Customer Story

Melissa, a Coffee Clozers user, is on track to retire early and fulfill her dream of being a stay-at-home mom to her special needs children. Investing in real estate allows her to provide safe, quality housing to families, while building financial security for her own family.

The Team Culture

Started by a team of three young entrepreneurs, Coffee Clozers stands apart from their competitors with a fun, unique design and a refreshing commitment to the customer. They, like many of us, are tired of lackluster websites with no personality and companies whose relentless pursuit of profit neglects customer needs.

The team is comprised of three passionate co-founders with diverse skillsets: Liam Maher (CEO) leads development, Ariel Herrera (CTO & real estate YouTuber) brings her expertise in data science and real estate investing, while Madalyn Pape (CPO) oversees design and user experience.

A founder quote

As CEO, Liam puts it, “we’re like Zillow if it were built for real estate investors.”

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