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Revolutionizing Lego® Collection Tracking: Discover Brickfact's Innovative World

What Brickfact Does

Brickfact is a pioneering app offering comprehensive Lego® collection tracking, price comparison, current offers and insightful Lego content, simplifying tracking and enhancing the collector's experience with efficient tools and up-to-date market data.

The Current Landscape

In the current Lego® collector's market, enthusiasts grapple with tracking their extensive collections and finding the best deals. Competitors offer fragmented solutions, but Brickfact stands out by providing an all-in-one platform, combining collection management, price comparison, and engaging content, tailored for Lego® aficionados of all ages.

Company Birth Story

The inception of Brickfact traces back to the pandemic period, when the founders began amassing a significant collection of Lego® sets. Faced with the challenge of efficiently managing their growing collection and realizing the absence of a suitable tool in the market, the idea for Brickfact was born. This realization led to the creation of an innovative app, designed to provide Lego® enthusiasts with a quick and comprehensive overview of their collections, filling a much-needed gap in the Lego® collector community.

The Solution

Brickfact's unique solution integrates collection management, price comparison, and Lego® insights into one seamless app. Unlike competitors, Brickfact offers real-time market value tracking, daily updates, and a comprehensive database of Lego® sets. Its success is evident in its growing global user base and positive feedback. The vision is to continuously evolve and cater to Lego® enthusiasts worldwide, making Brickfact the go-to platform for all Lego® related needs.

The Team Culture

Brickfact's team, hailing from Cyprus, Ukraine, Pakistan, Germany, and Belgium, is united by a passion for Lego® and innovation. Embracing remote work, the team thrives on diversity and collaboration, fostering a creative and dynamic work environment. Anecdotes of virtual team-building activities and cross-cultural exchanges illustrate the vibrant and inclusive culture at Brickfact.

A Founder Quote

"When we embarked on the Brickfact journey, our aim was to bridge the gap between passion and convenience for Lego® enthusiasts," reflects Moritz, co-founder of Brickfact. "Seeing our app transform the way collectors interact with their Lego® sets, making it both simpler and more enjoyable, is deeply fulfilling. As we move forward, our commitment is to continuously innovate and enhance the Brickfact experience, ensuring it remains an indispensable tool for Lego® lovers worldwide."

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