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Remembrara Ensures No Story Goes Untold

What Remembrara does

Remembrara is a unique subscription app on a mission to invite easy life story recording complete with prompts and voice transcription to help others preserve their stories, memories, and wisdom through legacy letters. Archival printing for gifts now and later. Remembrara covers themes like pregnancy, parenting, veterans, marriage, and self- reflection.

The Current Landscape

With a $34.6B TAM with pregnant women, young parents, veterans, older adults, divorce or moves, StoryWorth competitor also prompts memories but for a book, not a living, breathing letter collection with plans for audio customization like Remembrara has. Promptly and Jacquie Lawson’s success show people love digital anniversaries and memory capture.

Company Birth Story

As a young girl, Shannon Milliman kept a diary, and she named her Remembrara. Remembering felt like a sacred act to her, and she wrote her hopes, dreams, and love for the people in her life in the diary's pages. Towards the end of her grandpa's life, Shannon interviewed him and many in their extended family, and she wrote down his life stories. In the process, she discovered his courageous days in the air force, his fears as a young dad, and heard tender love letters to her grandma. Remembering became Shannon's greatest virtue.

As a passionate storyteller, Shannon Milliman crafted Remembrara, inspired by her experiences with her own diary and her grandpa's life stories. She believed that every extraordinary life deserves to be celebrated and remembered without regret. Through intentional letter writing, memories morph into guiding stars for the future. Her journey with Remembrara started with the profound foundation she built by preserving her grandpa's memories. Winning 1st place in Shoals Idea Audition allowed Remembrara LLC to come to life, fulfilling Shannon's vision of sharing the power of memories with the world.

The Solution

Recognizing the need for a straightforward method to permanently document life experiences interactively, Remembrara was born - a subscription and box product that ingeniously combines technology with vintage practices. Notably, Remembrara goes beyond just preserving memories; it also contributes to improving mental well-being by providing individuals with a creative and therapeutic outlet for self-expression and reflection. Through the interactive process, users find solace, joy, and a renewed sense of purpose as they engage in the journey of capturing and cherishing their life's stories. A free beta test yielded 48 satisfied users and version 1 app is ready to purchase. are drafted for creating version 2 with voice transcription and audio capture. A crowdfunding campaign is in development.

The Team Culture

Shannon Milliman, Founder, CEO: A versatile professional with expertise in facilitation, public speaking, storytelling, and playwriting. She is also a CPTD certified professional and a mother of five. Shannon's TED talk emphasizes the importance of interactive communication.

A founder quote

“When my grandpa died, he told me he felt seen, heard and valued because his life was recorded. I want that for you. Every extraordinary soul must be remembered.”- Founder/CEO Shannon Milliman

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