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Reign of Cleanliness: The Empire Fresh Cleaning Phenomenon

What Empire Fresh Cleaning does

Empire Fresh Cleaning serves important businesses in the Bay Area. From high-end hotels, favorite restaurants, and important office buildings to vital institutions like schools, medical facilities, and churches in San Francisco, their business provides essential customized cleaning services that improve safety and hygiene and keep the city’s important operations running!

The Current Landscape

With more businesses and people in a growing city come more messes and hazards. Not only are commercial cleaning services crucial for creating positive first impressions and ensuring asset longevity, but general learning from the COVID-19 pandemic shows they’re also vital to the health and safety of communities. Eco-friendly cleaning initiatives have both short and long-term impacts. Businesses like Empire Fresh Cleaning provide jobs for citizens and also free up time and resources for the other businesses communities depend on each day. Ultimately, the commercial cleaning industry supports the economy, property conditions, and people.

Company Birth Story

In 2014, Empire Fresh Cleaning came into being, a testament to one person's unwavering dedication and vision. It all started with the founder, who had spent years working as a janitor, diligently tending to the cleaning needs of various establishments.

After years of toil and commitment, the founder, fueled by a desire to elevate the standard of commercial cleaning in the San Francisco Bay Area, decided to embark on a new journey. With a passion for cleanliness and a deep understanding of the industry, Empire Fresh Cleaning was born.

The story of Empire Fresh Cleaning is a testament to the dedication of their founder, who started as a janitor and transformed that experience into a company that stands as a beacon of cleanliness and professionalism in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Today, Empire Fresh Cleaning takes pride in its journey from humble beginnings to becoming a recognized leader in its field. The Empire Fresch Cleaning team’s focus remains unwavering—to provide clients with high-quality cleaning services, maintaining the same passion and dedication that inspired the company’s founder to start this incredible journey.

The Solution

The company recognizes that no two commercial spaces are the same, so they tailor their guaranteed, top-quality offerings to every client’s needs.

Empire Fresh Cleaning offers recurring cleaning services, deep cleaning, high dusting, power washing, and even painting for that extra step to cleanliness. For special events and businesses needing extra support, Empire Fresh also offers temporary concierge and janitorial staffing. No floor, window, or surface mess is beyond their ability and expertise.

The team at Empire Fresh Cleaning aims to be the pros their city depends on for high-quality cleaning services, but they also want to improve the overall quality of life of both those they serve and those they employ! The Empire Fresh Cleaning team is valued highly and compensated fairly. At the core of their operations and their mission is humanity, so the people of San Francisco drive their passion and excellence. Empire Fresh Cleaning hasn’t quite reached its tenth birthday, but soon the team will mark this milestone by celebrating the company’s growth and the fulfillment of its team members. The company plans to expand and spread its human-centered approach to commercial cleaning to other cities.

The Team Culture

“Empire Fresh Cleaning has been our trusted partner for years. Their commitment to excellence and attention to detail is unmatched. Our restaurant has never looked cleaner, and our customers and staff appreciate it.” - from Chef Matthew

A founder quote

At Empire Fresh Cleaning, our journey began with a mop and a dream. We started from the ground, and now we’re raising the standard for cleanliness and service in the Bay Area. Our commitment to excellence is our guiding principle, and we are dedicated to making your environment shine. Carlos Escobar, Founder and CEO of Empire Fresh Cleaning

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