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Redefining art with IhsanIshan designs

What is IhsanIshan?

A Hindu Indian American woman who is an Islamic/Arabic Calligrapher, changing the world through art/design

Current industry background

Something like this brand has never been done before.

Why? To make a difference in this world. The fashion, design, art industries have all changed.

Founder Sangeetha Kowsik thinks the landscape now is about bringing awareness to causes than to strictly aesthetics.

Why IhsanIshan was created

Horrified by the animosity/negative perceptions as seen on media and that plague South Asian Hindu and Muslim communities, IhsanIshan was initially launched to celebrate both faiths, its shared traditions, educate, and bring about peace and understanding and to remind the world that India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bhangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, parts of Iran were all one landmass before colonization/partition, and share more than differ!

The brand now includes Black Lives Matter (a recipient of numerous awards for social justice, interfaith, and global change initiatives) and the Amazigh peoples of North Africa. Sangeetha has over 20+ years experience working in the world of fashion, beauty, luxury, streetwear, museums (she was the former head designer for the Metropolitan Museum of Art) and is the Hindu Chaplain of NYU/Columbia Universities, one of very few Hindu Chaplains in the world.

Sangeetha has witnessed the misrepresentation and cultural appropriation of global cultures, traditions, and faiths throughout and felt the need to launch her own brand, combining my design skills, experience in product development and interfaith work, to inspire peace, understanding, knowledge, change, and bring the world together!

Sangeetha uses the art of traditional Arabic Calligraphy (with a modern twist) to create compelling, thought-provoking, innovative, unique designs. She creates timeless, distinctive, unisex designs that appeal to a wide customer base, eliminating the term "fast fashion”. The products tell a unique meaningful story that changes one's thinking, fights negative stereotypes/biases, and makes a difference in one's life. The concept/meaning of each design is even printed on the back of the garment! All products are eco friendly, eco conscious, and a part of proceeds of every sale are given to a charity who works with the culture/community the design was inspired by.

The company vision

Sangeetha believes that art and design are the way to bring together diverse communities. It is a way to heal past traumas, phobias, fight stereotypes, etc. She believes in amplifying positive interconnected stories between global cultures.

Her mission is to engage all people/communities interested in knowing about the diversity of this world with products that include textiles, accessories, + custom design & commissions, all of which have a meaningful and powerful message/concept behind them to educate, start conversations, fight negative stereotypes, end racism by showcasing unique, positive/interconnected/uplifting stories, highlighting shared traditions, to build a more understanding, harmonious, compassionate, just world and global change in thinking.

Her 'Black Lives Matter' graphic is a recipient of multiple awards for activism, interfaith, and social justice initiatives. Sangeetha, as a Hindu, has taken part in numerous Islamic Art Gallery shows across the United States, participated in talks/panels regarding her work at different museums, and won chaplain of the year, an award given to her by Chelsea Clinton for her interfaith initiatives!

Customer experience and feedback

“A Hindu woman that makes Islamic/Arabic Art! WOAH! She is doing her part in this world to bring different people, different religions, different cultures together and uniting/educating people with what we have in common with her art! ”— Heather

“SO beautiful and love the thoughtful stories behind each piece”— Heena

“Your art is very touching. I was very moved by your calligraphy and combining Hindu and Muslim inspirations in your life. It’s very meaningful to me as a Punjabi, my family has a very interconnected life with Hinduism and Islam while being Sikh in our ancestry. Thank you for your work in this world! ”— Seema

About the team

Sangeetha is a one woman show, but is looking to hire and expand!

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