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Real estate note investing made simple with Prime Plus Mortgages

What is Prime Plus Mortgages?

Prime Plus Mortgages is a hard money lending and real estate note investment company. They offer hard money loans for house flippers and real estate investors to purchase, improve, and flip properties. They offer mortgage notes for sale for investors looking to make secured investment options and diversify their portfolios.

Current industry landscape

The real estate market today is one of the hottest in years. Low inventory and high demand are driving the market so properties are selling almost as quickly as they are listed. For investors, this is a great opportunity to sell homes or even rent while the demand is high, but makes it harder to find an investment property.

There are a lot of private and commercial lenders for investment properties. Every lender will have different loan terms and rates so it’s important for real estate investors to talk and determine the best rates for their investments. Hard Money Lenders will provide loans on the property value instead of credit like other lenders so this can benefit real estate investors, and provide flexible loan options that traditional lenders cannot.

How the company was founded

Prime Plus Mortgages was started by Loren Howard, who had begun his own real estate investing journey only a few years prior.. Through his own investments and network, he saw the need for a local hard money lender. As a real estate investor, he understands the options and needs for fast funding for investments and makes the funding process as simple as possible so that investors can get back to what they do best, flipping houses.

The company mission

Prime Plus Mortgages is unique because as real estate investors, they know firsthand what investors need from a hard money lender. For real estate investors, they need fast answers, flexibility, and someone that can work with them for their deals. No investment is ever the same, so the investors need options that can work with them, not against them. At Prime Plus Mortgages, they offer that VIP treatment, with the speed, and flexibility, that their clients need.

As investors, they also know variety is important, which is why they now offer Mortgage Note Investing options to their clients. Their real estate note investments are 1st position deeds of trusts, meaning they are secured by real estate, equipped with title insurance and personal guarantees from the borrowers. That is how Prime Plus Mortgage ensures high returns and low risks. This is a great way to invest in real estate in a relatively low-risk way, without the hassle of having to flip or rent a property.

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