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RabbaJam is rolling with the smoking industry

What is RabbaJam?

RabbaJam is a Bong and smoking accessory company that also have unique Apparel and Poster Designs.

How RabbaJam was created

RabbaJam started back in the 1992 as just an idea, to take a drawing that the founder, Seth Hoover, made of a Rastafarian Rabbit and share the idea and feelings of the Marley era with the world through RabbaJam. Since then, Seth has served the country and, after going from Active service to Veteran status, he began to try and get things into place to bring RabbaJam into this world.

In 2017 Seth got an LLC and began the process of trying to make a place for RabbaJam. Unfortunately, back then efforts failed and it was put on a back burner for a time. Earlier this year, Seth and Joshua met and talked about his dream, and how he wanted to implement it. Together they created a marketing plan and started working on getting everything together to move forward. Now, they have a solid foundation to build on.

Along with a great mindset and humble beginnings, they are also looking at coming out with new and industry changing technology in the next year and have plans in place for that as well.

The current industry landscape

Currently, with bills like the MORE movement, Cannabis is on its way to becoming decriminalized at the federal level, which means, smoking accessories and other cannabis related things are going to be moving at a much faster pace. Rabbajam was reopened at a great time and are looking to set themselves aside in the industry with Active blogs, information and in depth conversations about what Cannabis can do for everyone.

Currently, their competitors include Smoke Cartel, GrassCity and other online head shops. Mostly just competitors who have a solid foothold in the online industry. They are looking to shake up the Google rankings as well.

About the team

Seth is an awesome guy. He understands the need for openness when it comes to company culture and how communication matters when it comes to growth. He and Joshua are hoping to be able to grow more in the coming months and expand our offerings. "Follow the Rabbit" Check them out: Follow them on social: Facebook:


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