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Product personalization: Unleash your online store potential with Customily

What Customily does

Customily is a product personalizer that helps online stores to design and sell customized products with an enhanced shopping experience for the customer. With Customily, customers can edit the product design to their liking and access a live preview before making the purchase. While the store can automate the fulfillment process and deliver faster.

The Current Landscape

The product customization market is growing steadily. More and more consumers are looking for unique products they can identify themselves with. The numbers speak for themselves: 86% of shoppers are willing to pay more for a good personalized shopping experience. And if we think about the trends, it is enough to look at the different generations. 74% of Generation Z are interested in personalized products, compared to 67% of Millennials, 61% of Generation X, and 57% of Baby Boomers.

Customily has been a strong player from the beginning, although over time a variety of competitors have emerged due to the fast growth of the personalization market. 2022 has been a great year for the personalized gifts market and 2023 is expected to grow bigger yet, so if you’re selling products online this might be the perfect time to start your personalization journey.

Customily’s Birth Story

Customily's founders first started with a 3D printing software company, which led them to work with many e-commerce stores. Once immersed in the e-commerce world, they gradually noticed the growing consumer demand for personalized products. Also, they realized that online stores could not successfully meet this demand because of the costs involved and the lack of the necessary tools.

Up to that point, personalized products did not go beyond adding a name, a date, or choosing color variants. Even with such simple options, for the stores offering personalization, it was a huge effort. It meant talking with the customer multiple times, back and forth, until both parties agreed on the final look of the product. This process not only delayed all the production and delivery times but also had a high chance of making mistakes, which ended up in returned orders and a waste of time and money for everybody. Customers had to buy and wait to receive it at home, hoping it was what they wanted.

Customily’s founders soon came to the conclusion that online stores wanting to sell personalized products needed a solution for all that in order to be successful in their businesses. That’s why they decided to develop a technology that would adapt to the needs of each store and the tastes of each client. No matter what kind of products you sold in your store, your customer could create their own personalized product online, see a live preview before making the purchase, and have it delivered to their door shortly thereafter.

The Solution

There’s a beacon guiding every effort, every development, every team member, and pointing the way of Customily: letting the final customer be the main player.

Just imagine you’re a customer searching for a special gift, something out of the ordinary. You really cracked your head thinking of ideas to make it the best gift ever. You enter an online store that works with Customily and voila! You can transform the product you have before your eyes, into a unique and special one. A product that no one else will ever have, because it will be personalized by you, by your imagination, your ideas, your texts, or maybe even your own photos.

31% of consumers say they wish their shopping experience was much more personalized than it currently is. What’s more personalized than creating your own product?

Personalization not only serves to create a better online experience but also generates greater consumer engagement and loyalty, as well as reinforces brand recognition. Also, it has a direct impact on revenue growth, making it possible to set higher prices by offering a one-of-a-kind product.

Customily has been on the market for over 6 years now, and today is the #1 app for selling personalized products. Even if there are many companies that have similar tools, Customily has the most complete solution. Why? Because they didn’t focus on just one type of store, but aimed to help anyone that wants to sell customized products.

Customily offers not only a wide range of tools, but also has partnerships with different print-on-demand providers, and other tech companies to take the personalization features to the next level. Another great thing about Customily is that it works with any e-commerce platform, whether it’s an e-commerce site like Shopify or a marketplace like Etsy.

With over 4.000 merchants using Customily today across all e-commerce platforms, and more than 45.000 orders made each day using its tools, Customily has proven that is the leading player in the personalization business and a partner you can trust if you want to sell personalized products successfully.

If you’re interested in learning more about the company, and exploring how it can help your online store grow, don’t hesitate to contact their team here for a free demo.

Also, if you have a Shopify store, you can install Customily here with a 9-day FREE trial and have the best personalization tools to start working with in seconds!

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