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Prioritize your self-care with FLWID

What is FLWID?

FLWID is a self-care store and brand dedicated to advancing the health of the world through incorporating daily self-care habits. Our anxiety relief products are powered by hemp and help reduce anxiety, pain, and sleeplessness.

The current industry landscape

The cannabis and CBD industry is a growing industry with many self-care products hitting the shelves of some of our favorite stores. This trend is expected to increase as cannabis legislation advances and cannabis becomes more a part of our everyday lives. Cannabis, specifically full-spectrum CBD in FLWID's case, has been shown to help positively affect anxiety, pain, and sleep.

Creating the company

After graduating with their doctoral degrees in Public Health, co-owners Olivia Kirksey and her husband built this brand in response to the ongoing mental health crisis in the U.S. They value integrity, trustworthiness, courage, empathy, respect, consistency, and innovation.

About the products

The products FLWID offers include a self-care journal, bath soaks, love oil, peppermint CBD Oils, and a skin care line to be released this month. All the products are natural, with organically grown ingredients, and 3rd Party tested with lab testing results provided. Our product packaging is also sustainable and eco-friendly.

The mission of the company

FLWID's solution to mental health is to develop a brand that emphasizes self-care as an integral part to our health. Many times, society thinks of health in terms of a general medical doctor or primary care physician, but health is more about how people treat their bodies outside of the healthcare system than in it.

The goal with FLWID is to help people improve their mental health and expand from an e-commerce brand to have physical stores nationally in the western and southern regions of the U.S. With their research background, Olivia and her husband's vision is to build a cannabis research center that explores and advances what people know about cannabis and the many ways it benefits society in their daily lives.

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