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Prevent bot attacks with Kasada

What is Kasada?

Kasada provides the most effective and easiest way to defend against advanced persistent bot attacks across web, mobile, and API channels. The Kasada platform foils automated threats from credential abuse to data scraping, invisibly stopping bot attacks while inflicting financial damage to attackers, destroying ROI.

Current industry landscape

The approach for mitigating bots is broken. Most anti-bot solutions haven’t kept pace with the increasing sophistication of bots, making them ineffective and expensive. Attackers have figured out how to disguise their attacks using residential proxy networks and highly customized automation frameworks, and they can easily reverse engineer legacy anti-bot systems to evade detection. It's become a cat and mouse game where adversaries adapt in seconds to work their way around expensive, high maintenance bot mitigation.

The birth of Kasada

The founder of Kasada, Sam Crowther, witnessed firsthand how difficult it was to defend against bot attacks while working as a red teamer for one of Australia’s biggest banks. The tools available were overly complicated to use and inadequate for keeping up with the attacks launched from the other side of the keyboard.

Sam founded Kasada to close this gap. To develop new tools that make AppSec highly effective in the wake of constantly evolving threats, yet in a way that’s simple to use and maintain.

Kasada's vision

Kasada has pioneered a new and better approach to mitigating bots - one that is highly effective and simpler to use, with immediate time-to-value. If current anti-bot offerings were working well, you wouldn’t still be hearing about successful credential abuse, account takeover attacks, unwanted price scraping, and inventory hoarding of in-demand items like the PS5 or the latest sneakers.

Most other anti-bot solutions become less effective over time because they are easily reverse engineered by attackers, and cannot adapt quickly to new approaches or attack patterns without first analyzing a bot’s behaviors - after they’ve already gained access.

Kasada is the first to apply a zero trust philosophy for detecting bad bots, assuming all requests are guilty until proven innocent. This is based on a patented client-side interrogation process that is able to identify the immutable evidence of automation whenever bots interact with websites, mobile apps or APIs. The result is that Kasada is able to stop modern bot attacks, including those never seen before, by adapting in real-time and not ever allowing bots to enter an organization’s infrastructure. Kasada’s solution is bolstered with data analysis and machine learning (ML) from billions of bot interactions.

Kasada also strikes back at attackers, ensuring the long-term efficacy of its solution in two ways:

  • An asymmetric proof-of-work cryptographic challenge that makes attacks too computationally expensive to conduct. This countermeasure escalates the mathematical challenges to demand more resources from a bot operator, until it becomes too costly for them to continue attacking.

  • Frustrates attackers by changing the playing field using polymorphism in order to deter retooling and reverse engineering attempts.

In addition, unlike all other solutions, Kasada ensures there’s no impact to the end-user consumer experience. Nearly all bot solutions come at the cost of making legitimate human traffic prove who they are, instead of making bots prove they’re not bots. Because Kasada eliminates the need for CAPTCHAs, all security protections are invisible to the end-user. Kasada is frictionless and improves overall customer conversion rates.

Customer experience

A publicly traded global manufacturer and distributor of footwear with sales in 80 countries, and annual revenue in excess of $1 billion turned to Kasada to help it fight fraud and make its flash sales a success for actual consumers instead of bots.

The Senior Director of Technology and their team at this organization were battling bots - particularly during flash sales and events with celebrities. They had attempted mitigation with various products and services, as well as custom coding, all with limited results. They wanted to stop playing a “cat and mouse” game with bot-based spikes in traffic, server crashes, web scraping, and gift card number guessing.

The company was introduced to Kasada in early 2021. The company conducted a one-month proof of concept (POC) and immediately moved to full production. The company’s team worked closely with the Kasada team to drive a fast and efficient implementation of Kasada’s cloud-based service. Minimal changes to the infrastructure were made - and the implementation was done with no noticeable impact on the user experience.

With Kasada in place, this global footwear company was able to manage flash sales with up to a 100X increase in web traffic. The distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks that occurred during their previous flash sales were essentially eliminated.

In addition, Kasada’s dashboard provided this company with valuable visibility regarding bot detection and mitigation, as well as eCommerce site performance. Information gathered was also shared with the company’s fraud team (e.g., information on attempts to use stolen credit card numbers) so they could put a halt to any further attempts.

The team culture

Simple, yet powerful, cybersecurity is Kasada’s passion. The company prides itself on innovating quickly, being creative, and contributing to meaningful projects for customers.

The company is deeply passionate about embracing diversity, building deep relationships, seeking to understand others, and empowering each other to bring their best selves together to innovate each day. Kasada’s values are held in the highest regard to connect the company’s culture and fuel its growth.

Kasada’s core team includes Sam Crowther, Founder and CEO; Nick Rieniets, Field CTO; Simone Archbold, Director - Customer Support; David Turner, Head Of Engineering; Jonathon Hope, Product Strategy; DC Cullinane, VP Of Sales - Americas; Mike Romans, Sales Director - ANZ; Neil Cohen, CMO; and Mike Wood, Head Of Operations.

The company offers excellent perks, such as ample time off to relax and recharge, flexible working options, health and wellbeing offerings, flexible learning, Hackathon days, social events, and more.

A quote from the founder

“Our success thus far is a testament to our team’s passion and commitment to bringing a new approach to the problem of bot mitigation. When something isn't working, you need to innovate a new approach - and that’s what we’ve done here.”

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