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Presenting Allbum: Your Gateway to the NFT Space

What is Allbum?

Allbum is the all-in-one platform for NFTs where users get to create, exchange, sell, and learn about non-fungible tokens. Allbum’s user-friendly platform brings together all currently scattered features in the NFT space to one place, and with a game-changing offer: users get to collect their NFTs in their own personalized digital album.

What is going on in the NFT space?

In the past months, the NFT space has grown considerably with major companies such as Adidas, McDonald’s, and Budweiser joining the market, and that's just the beginning. According to research, sales of non-fungible tokens rose to nearly USD41 billion in 2021, with the market forecast to grow 20 times bigger in the next eight years. Allbum is a social-media platform for NFTs — a much-needed innovation in the rapidly growing NFT market.

How it all Started

Allbum was created by two visionaries who searched for a solution to the biggest issue in the NFT space: they wanted to bring together all currently scattered information on non-fungible tokens to one place and simplify what was once a complicated process, by essentially focusing on art and the talented artists behind it. The idea came from a childhood passion: in their early years, both co- founders used to collect football stickers in collectible albums. Now, they are merging this treasured tradition with groundbreaking features that will revolutionize the NFT space.

Allbum’s Solution

The user-friendly platform will integrate multiple blockchains, reducing gas fees and enabling users to create, sell and exchange NFTs with other collectors. Users will have full access to an interactive feed for sharing, learning, and collaborating with other enthusiasts, while also taking part in exclusive ticketed events promoted within the Allbum platform. Creators get to use the calendar to easily track and plan events to promote their collections, and collectors can create and fully customize their own digital album to show and promote their NFT collections to the world. Allbum’s goal is to make NFTs accessible to everyone, by helping users find their place in the NFT space.

Meet the NFTeam

Working behind Allbum is a young and vibrant team with a strong passion for NFTs and the Web 3. Located in different countries across Europe, the dearly nominated Non-Fungible-Team is formed by individuals from several cultural backgrounds, who are fully committed to the company’s purpose. Their goal is to revolutionize the world of art by providing all tools users need to paint their stories.

A quote from the founders

“Art is a way for humans to express themselves, and modern-day art is unfortunately not yet accessible to everyone. NFTs are just the beginning of art revolution, and Allbum is the bridge between yesterday and tomorrow.”

— M&K

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