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Platypus - Data on Culture Like You’ve Never Had Before

What is Platypus?

Platypus is a 3-in-1 Culture Operating System that measures

the cultural drivers of people across an organization to help qualify decisions on hiring and managing culture. Helps to build stronger, happier, high-performing teams with real time data on what’s important to the current and future workforce.

The Current Landscape

Platypus is in a space that has been historically dominated by

HRIS, employee surveys, etc. Engagement and performance measurements carved a new category into this space. They are in the process of crafting culture operations as a category alongside other incumbents. What differentiates a culture operations market is that it looks at drivers behind performance, engagement, and everyday practices. It doesn’t just measure or give a snapshot. It adds value through the promise of prediction and prevention. Through a deeper, foundational, and therefore more useful data set.

Company Birth Story

In January 2019 Nico Blier-Silvestri, CEO & Co founder was

recovering from a rugby injury to his knee. Insanely bored, in pain and lying in bed taking extremely strong painkillers he started to play the video game, Football Manager. Whilst playing he had an epiphany moment, if a football game could be derived from data, where a data driven approach helped run a football club, and looking at stats from players and attributes from players in recruiting them to make a strong team, then why could this not be adapted in building teams within a corporate environment? He started to take screenshots and photos of the game, and contacted Dan, COO and Co founder, telling him that this is what they needed to build.

The Solution

Platypus, today on the B2B side, is a platform that helps organizations to understand what drives their culture via their employees & values. With this data, they help companies with recruitment, retention, satisfaction and employee engagement. With regards to recruitment, they give data on whether a candidate is culturally aligned with the company and team or department they will be joining to give insights on the ease or difficulty with onboarding that candidate into the organization.

They have recently built Connect (BETA), which is an intelligent recruitment tool that matches candidates and organizations based on their professional values. They can connect people and organizations at scale based on these cultural priorities. Normal recruitment bias is no longer a factor, such as age, gender, race as it opens the door into a world of true diverse and inclusive recruiting practices.

Their vision is to be at the centre of a future of work that is based on more equal and more honest interactions between organizations and people.

A Customer Story

Alvin uses Platypus in a very transparent way - they created a public page where anyone can see what their approach to company culture is and how they use data to make well-informed decisions instead of having a company culture decided by management and cascaded to the rest of the team. Candidates love it hence they love it too.

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